wcsaga.com down?

Bandit LOAF

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It looks like their hosting of the new Gemini Gold release pushed them over their bandwidth limit for the month. It'll come back in July if they don't go ahead and buy some more right now.

Saga is hosted independently, so there's nothing we can do for them through the CIC (unless they want to put their site at solsector temporarily, which they are welcome to do).


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Just a quick update: we have some troubles with our provider at the moment. I can't disclose any details at this point - and I know very little about the whole situation anyway. It is possible that the heavy load on our mirror followed by the report at twitching guru led to the temp. shutdown. Rest assured that we are working on a solution.

For the time being the website can be reached through this temp domain: http://web122.cologne146.serverspot.de

@Loaf: I was not sure whenever or not I could put the website on solsector (requirements are php4+ and a mysql database) otherwise I'd have asked straight away. :(

Lance Casey

Colonel Tolwyn sir,
i thank u for ur quick notification of whats goin on with the site and i hope the problem is fixed quickly there r ALOT of wingcommander fans out there waiting for the final release of Saga
speaking of which do u happen to have a possible prediction on the official release date cuz that would help me out greatly with the constant waiting ive been doing its causing me to go insane if u do not wish to tell publicly ur welcome to contact me via email and here it is g_schempp@hotmail.com


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Well, I did naturally try that :)

I tried it again just now and still no dice.

I'll try clearing the cache and everything...

EDIT: Okay, it's working now :)


Thanks, but after doing it I still can't access the site. Maybe sometime later in the week it'll just randomly start working agian...