WCPedia: IRC Meeting #2


Frog Blast the Vent Core!

Progress made during the week.

Graphics list - images we need for articles

Working article creation list - what we need to do for Wing Commander

Committee creation/members - We already have Vinman heading up the timeline, LOAF suggested a few others, we should work on putting them into practice

List of things for our more average users - We should create a to-do list for our more average users (or those that don't have access to all sources) so that they can find ways to meaningful contribute to the project

Suggestions for example entries - how they stand now, how we want them to look, how to transplant formats from examples to other articles

Anything else please add to the thread.

I encourage many who missed last week's meeting to attend this Sunday, 7pm EST. We made a lot of progress during the meeting but need every wingnuts help to get this project moving. Hopefully this meeting we can create some lists that will help our less savvy users in contributing.


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
Just a reminder...tonight at 7pm EST, the second of our WCPedia IRC meetings.

Everyone that can attend, please do.