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I'm proposing that in 2 weeks after the holidays (weekend of Jan 9-11) we hold an IRC conference.

We've got a lot of different things to talk about for this project and the best way is to meet in #wingnut one night and work out the details.

I'm thinking Sunday night at 7pm EST, unless one of the other nights works better for the majority of people.

Everyone who would like to work on this project and has ideas or wants to learn how we plan to attack this, please come by. The more the merry.

We can work out some of the major sticking points and also get together and enjoy talking WC.

Sound like a plan?


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Everyone interested in this please post to this thread. Even if you can't make it, at least we can remember to update you.


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I'm definitely interested. At the very least, it will force me to finally get IRC working! :p


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You know you can log into #wingnut from the CZ. The IRC option next to "Log Out" will start the Java chat and bring you right there.

If you don't want to setup mIRC or the like.

Max Gene

I'll try to be there, if only as a lurker, to see if there's anything I can contribute. If I log on/off randomly it's probably my internet connection being retarded, hopefully it won't happen, though.


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I'd love to be involved...

that would 7 pm EST... and that would make it 7 am GMT+7.

Hope I can make it!


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I'm sure we'll be hanging around for a while, so hopefully you won't have to wake up super early.

I'll also make sure we have a log/write up of the event so that what is discussed is available to all, even those not in attendance.


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Just wanted to bump this up.

Reminder. This Sunday, WCPedia will be holding its first IRC conference to work out some of the details for the project.


Jan 11th, 7pm EST #wingnut, even if you are just curious please stop by the channel. We'd love to see all of you there.

IRC is easy to setup and we are more than willing to help anyone who has trouble.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Allright, what needs to go on the agenda?

I will have a few words about why this matters, complete with some behind the screens material from Arena that hasn't been seen anywhere.

I would like to talk about creating a stylebook and about the difference between 'canon' and 'fanon'.

We should assign people to some committees -- fact checkers, wiki-layout specialists, etc.

We will talk about the timeline.

We should work out a rough schedule and what's needed to build a 'base' for the project.

What else?


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Those all sound good LOAF.

I hope our resident Wiki experts (infobox builders, etc) haven't gone into lurking as we could really use you at this stage.

Every wingnut is invited to this and I hope many of you will attend, even if you have no experience with Wiki (as I did) it's easy to learn and we need every wingnut helping on this project. From artists to authors, we need your help.

I feel like Tolwyn at BoT, even if you aren't on my list, I'm drafting you into service :p So please come by, learn a thing or two, and help out.



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The Armada games have already started...

Last chance wingnuts....come and hang out, enjoy good conversation and see how our latest major project is going to unfold.

See you there!


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Hey guys -

I've just been called into the office to deal with a small crisis. Unfortunately, I see the writing on the wall - I won't be able to attend tonight.

I would really like to contribute to this project, so if there is a committee that needs a chair or some other task/activity that requires someone to 'own' it, I am more than happy to volunteer!

I will just require a few pointers on the actual process of creating articles for wiki.

My apologies to everyone - good luck!

Dundradal - where do the losers like me who can't attend live go to see what they can do? ;)


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We'll have a log and summary of the events.

Should be a write up over the next few days to see what we decide.

EDIT: If you want drop by now...a few of us are already getting ready.