[WCP] Mouse stuck in middle of the screen during movies.


Installed the GOG version, then followed the Install enhancements guide on pcgamingwiki.

This happens only with dvd movies or the new hd movie pack. If i simply rename the 'movie' folder without changing anything else, so as to play the original quality movies, I will not have any mouse cursor on my screen during the movies. It's kind of a bummer since it's really hampering my enjoyment of the higher quality movies.

I can only move the mouse within a small radius around the center of the screen.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Hi @Pies,

You're not alone in this, I'm afraid - I think it's something everyone gets - I know I do.

It stems from the fact that WCP never received an official DVD release the way WCIV did. I believe it was actually @Bandit LOAF who tracked down the unfinished DVD-quality footage several years after release, which led to the community coming up with a way to get them to play back in-game.

Since there's no official version of the core game that supports playback of the DVD video files, the game was patched to launch them in a separate DirectShow window, which the game launches and closes when needed as a separate application - that's why it skips the videos if you hit alt-F4. Instead of closing the game, you close the DirectShow window and go back to the game. It seems the DirectShow window doesn't hide the mouse cursor.

If there's a way around it, I'm afraid I'm unaware of it - but if anyone else in the community can help on that score, I'd love to find out!