WCKS full screen problems


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Hi! I've been out of talking for too long, but i've been here as a lurker for all this time anyway :). I have a new computer, with Windows 7, and a video card Intel HD 4600, with a recently updated driver. The thing is, i just installed KS because i have some free time (finally!) and i find that, when i play in full screen, colors are all wrong. But when i play it in windowed mode, colors are fine. Other than that, the games run fine, no audio problems or anything like that.

wing full screen.jpg

wing window.png
I just searched the forums and i found out the "screen resolution" solution, and it worked! Is there a new thing? Or is that the only solution?
I haven't tried WC3 for quite some time, but a similar issue sometimes appears for other games that utilize a color palette. It's a weird interaction with the desktop window manager. I find that exiting Explorer fixes the problem (ctrl-shift-right-click on a blank area of the start menu, near the shutdown option, and choose "exit explorer". Later, use ctrl-shift-esc to bring up the task manager, and then file->run "explorer" to get it back).

If you're interested in WC1 and WC2 KS, I've fixed the palette issues in my wcdx patch. I have a lot more work still to do before I can even think about patching WC3, though.
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The fact that you are even working on preserving these editions is commendable Stinger, I loved your work thus far.

I grew up with a Mac and with WC3 and SuperWing Commander. When I was 17 or something, I tried the DOS-original of WC3 and was shocked (whats with the shitty music?) and then WC1 (wtf is this? unplayable!) and as the texts in brackets show, my reaction was quite negative. With the Kilrathi Saga Edition, I could bear WC1 and especially WC2 and finally play that missing chapter in the main series.
I hope your work continues to be fruitful and we can one day play KS in all its glory on all systems.

And while we are at it, I am still dreaming of a higher-resolution SuperWingCommander Remake. I am fairly certain Klavs has made all the necessary models by now ;-)