WCII:Does it matter to lose Other Friendly Ships ?


Gwynedd C: Escort
Primary Objectives Escort Broadswords for a strike on a Fralthra.
Your Ship Ferret
Wingmen Shadow
Other Friendly Ships 2 Broadswords (Primetime and Kilroy)

Briefing Kilroy, Blair, you'll sweep through the Nav Point to intercept the cruiser. Blair, your light fighters can't punch through a capital ship's phase shields... So once you've taken out any enemy fighter cover, back off and let the Broadswords' torpedoes take out the cruiser.

I finish the job but lose one Broadsword, will the pilot be alive and show up later?
Seems like that there is no funerary scena.
If the pilots are named and appear in cutscenes, they will always eject instead of dying.
However, if those are just "Broadswords" with no specific pilots they propably will just explode. There won't be a funeral scene, and it won't matter for later missions. Think of them as "Redshirts"...
You'll find that Wing Commander II is much more scripted that its predecessor. Plot-critical people will survive one way or another, and possibly die in circumstances out of your flight control.