WCFL 2.7 Crash

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Hello, I recently downloaded the 2.7 version of the Wing Commander FL mod. Now the mod works and looks great, however there is one little problem. The game crashes whenever i'm flying around, fighting, or on a mission after arriving at Leeds for the first time. I have tried numerous things and none have worked, even deleating the mod and the save games and all that and it still wont work.

If someone could help me out I would appreciat it.
The best solution, as this is a very rare problem, is to uninstall Freelancer and the FLMM programs.
Reinstall both.
Then install the Freelancer SDK version 1.3 to the Freelancer directory.
THEN install and run the mod.
(Don't run Freelancer until everything is reloaded.)

The Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM) program allows a form of XML programming.
While it works fine, most of the time, it occasionally has problems with the original encrypted files that Freelancer installs.
The SDK v1.3 installs unencrypted files over the originals, and allows for a much smoother coding process to occur.

WCFL is based on the SDK v1.3 files.
Older versions should work, but the newer versions won't.
(The reason being that the programmer tried to "fix" files in the later versions, and many of the fixes eliminated functions that my mods take advantage of.)
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