WC4 Windows version - Nearest Neighbor/Integer Scaling?

Hello all. Recently tried out WC4 and while it runs without issue, I was a little disappointed to find that I cannot seem to get something like dgVoodoo to run with it, to allow me to run the game with nearest neighbor or integer based scaling. As it stands, it seems that the game is being bilinearly scaled to my desktop resolution (2560x1440), so when in game, the UI is a bit blurry.

I currently have the game running in OpenGL mode based on the default settings of the renderer.cfg file. I have tried alternative settings like ddraw and direct3d with dgVoodoo in place, but at best, I get everything at the top left of my display at the games original resolution (Not respecting any of dgVoodoo's scaling options), or at worst, no video at all (audio only).

Right now, I'm running the Win version with reshade to attempt to sharpen what I can, but it's not ideal. I could run the DOS version, which gives me nice crisp scaling, but then the FMV sequences obviously lack in detail, and I was kind of hoping for the best of both worlds. I have also tried running the game with direct3d in renderer.cfg and through DxWnd. That allows the game to be scaled in a nearest neighbor mode when in actual gameplay. Unfortunately, the cutscenes are either almost entirely cropped off screen at best, or not visible at worst, and interface screens/ship interior screens don't seem to scale properly, and flicker on screen. Perhaps someone who is more experienced with DxWnd might be able to figure something out there.

I was wondering if anyone might have any advice, or possible fixes/alternative wrapper suggestions? Based on my Google searching, I don't imagine I will have much luck, but thought I would ask here to clarify.