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Has it ever been laid down what type of small arms were used by the pilots and the Black Lance. Was the pistol that Blair used, on the Black Lance carrier, a laser pistol or a tachyon pistol or what?:confused:
That may be detailed in the Price of Freedom novel. Haven't the chance to read it myself, so you'll have to wait for someone who has.
In the WC4 novel, it repeatedly says "laser", either pistols or rifles. Then again, the WC4 novel is a LOT different than the game.
We've seen personal versions of the laser, neutron and mass driver, as well as various projectiles. (Yes, I know the mass driver is technically a projectile...)
If I remember the technical specs laid down for mass driver guns then the weapons in the movie were mass driver fire arms. The definition of maws driver gun, that I remember, is basically a rail gun. An elctromagnet system fires a metal projectile, sometimes close to the speed of light. The small arms in WCM were indeed rail gun type weapons, they used electromagnets to accelerate a metal projectile.
Anyway, the WC4 book dosen't fully elaborate on the actual type of projectile fired from the side arms( It's obviously an energy weapons, possibly laser, but the wounds are a little strange for a laser). Anyway I thought maybe making them Electron guns for Marine Force Recon. So when you shoot somebody with one it short circuits their nervous system, and kills them.
I don't know, I could be way off base here, but hey what do you think?:)
Dunno much about personal weapons, but since mass drivers fire metallic ammunition, couldn't they be considered much like the handguns used at present?
Well, I never saw anyone INJURED by a WC4 sidearm...obviously Seether's prisoner wouldn't have much chance of surviving anything lighter than a peashooter @ that range, but Vag was only shot once (it WAS in the chest though).

Maybe the Marines are just better shots than the Space Force in general....Dekker may have a point...

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the book is a lot different than the game, i don't remember much about Blairs incursion into the black lance base but i do remember when Dekker came in that it was mentioned that what they used fired bullets, i could be wrong but i remember pondering that for a while cause it didn't seem like they would fire bullets in the game. if anyone is reading this, this is an old post
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