WC3Win and DgVoodoo2


So guys, heres the deal, I've been tampering with DgVoodoo2 for a while to make some old games work with Reshade/SweetFX so i can take some screenshots with them. And one of them was Wing Commander 3.

Since i own the Origin Version, i got the Kilrathi Saga patch from here and decided to take a look at it without any hopes, since i tried to make the 3dFX versions of Mech2 and Mech2Mercs recognize the DgVoodoo2 forks.

But to my surprise, the game itself not recognized the directdraw fork and the DgVoodoo2 settings for high resolution, but also Reshade and the Alt+Tab Function.

Heres some screenshots, you may notice that Reshade also added some effects to it, im using a Falcon BMS preset as a test with some things removed, some of it works on WC3, and the only bug that I've found it was the mouse cursor changing between game and Windows, but the rest itself is pristine.


WC3W 2018-06-10 11-32-17.png WC3W 2018-06-16 18-34-30.png WC3W 2018-06-16 18-24-06.png
Why is space black in your WC3? It's blue in Kilrathi Saga and DOS editions? Afaik it's only black in WC3 3DO.