WC3 Streaming: Watch It For the Culture (May 1, 2021)


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Docteur J from Oldies Games TV is back with a new Wing Commander series. He's covered a number of Wing Commander games on his French YouTube channel over the years, and now it's time for a playthrough of Wing Commander 3. As a special bonus, he's manually splicing in the dramatically enhanced HD videos from ODVS so everything is super sharp. When he started all of this, the audience was mostly limited to French speakers, but YouTube's auto translate feature opens the world up to everyone. Hit the closed captions icon in the bottom and the gear logo for your preferred language. If you're only used to hearing Wing Commander in just one language, it can be a whole new experience to hear a new dub!

Hi all! Here is the start of Let's Play on Wing Commander 3 with the videos in 1080p. ;) Bravo to Owen Davies for his work on the videos.

Original update published on May 1, 2021


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Et merci pour votre trevail. Et bienvenue!

A thought just occurred to me: do we know who did the voices for the French dubs? I ask because Angel, being a French character, is portrayed by a French actress so it actually sounded natural for her to speak French. I remember watching a French dub of The Matrix and was momentarily surprised to hear the voices of The Merovingian and Persephone match the English ones, and then realised of course it's the same actors because they are both French speakers. It would be nice if it was Yolanda Jilot also voicing Angel for the French dub but I suppose it's reasonable (for time and cost reasons) that it probably isn't.