WC3 Sound with SB Live?

Thanks Stinger, but its still a no go...
Here's the latest. Running in a Dos Window, reading off the CD with no FX card selected. Intro played great as did the game, video/graphics, etc.
Music sounded jumbled. But, not totally sure. Without other sound its kinda hard to tell. Please note the sample in set-up sounded fine.
In full Dos...
When I type WC3 and hit enter the CD spun and the light came on for a second, then it stopped spinning, the cursor dropped a line and sat there blinking...And there was nothing I could do. And the computer wasn't doing anything so I had to re-boot...
In a Dos Window...
When I chose SB Awe... Dos Win shut when I clicked on test sample.
SB 16...The same.
SB Pro... illegal operation, the program tried to execte an invalid instruction. Fault location 3212:7f7e interrupts in service:none
SB compatibles... error illegal operation invalid instruction fault location 3212:7eb2 interrupts in service: none
When restarting in full dos mode...

Creative SB16 emulation driver, version 4.00
Copyright(C)1996-1999, Creative Tech.Ltd.,ALL Rights Reserved.
...Creative SB16 emulation driver is currently loaded...
Microsoft(R) Windows 98
(C) Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1998.
I have tried the setup you mentioned in a dos win many times. Actually, thats what i tried the first day i attempted to get it to work; but, no joy...
I don't understand why I can't get anything going in full dos... I can get into Wing commander academy set-up, so theres nothing wrong with the cd drivers...(but my IRQ is 9 and the setup for academy goes up to 7 only...can you get around that?)
If I can find the win version of WC3, would I have the same prob?
Here's some more info that may help.........

REM --- By HiSpeed CD-ROM Drive installation program. 2/26/100 ---


REM --- By HiSpeed CD-ROM Drive installation program. 2/26/100 ---

SET BLASTER=A240 I2 D3 H7 P330 T6

Thanks , for all your help...If I wasn't such a computer dunce, I'm sure we would have figured this out by now...

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One little bit of info: IRQ 9 and IRQ 2 are the same thing. Either one will/should work, so that's what you use for Academy.

Re: WC3Win, yes, your problems will disappear if you can find it.

Now, back to DOS: while in pure DOS, type SBEINIT /? and tell us what you get.
Stinger... it said bad command or file name.
I tried multiple variations also. And thats all it said.
Also on Academy,I got the error...failed to load origin FX-Drivers...
How do I get to the DOSDRV directory?
Once there what then? I really know very little about DOS.
I think I'm going to buy a book on it... maybe Dos for Dummies or something.
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Well, where is your SBLive directory?

Here's how you traverse directories with long names:

If the directory name is over 8 characters long, chop off the last two and put ~1 instead. Here's an example on how to get to C:\Program Files from the root directory:

CD Progra~1

So, make sure you know where the DOSDRV directory is and just go to it accordingly.
Here is the info that came up, Stinger...
Creative SB16 Emulation Driver, Version 4.00
Copyright(C) 1996-1999, Creative Technology Ltd., All Rights Reserved.

...Creative SB16 Emulation Driver is currently loaded...
Nope... here is the path I used...
And the above info was all that came up...
Is the Kilrathi Saga the only way to get WC3 for Windows? Or did they come out with a separate version?
There's supposed to be a space between SBEINIT and /?. As for KS, no, that's not the only place to get WC3 for Windows; it is also sold under the EA Classics title.
Stinger said:
There's supposed to be a space between SBEINIT and /?. As for KS, no, that's not the only place to get WC3 for Windows; it is also sold under the EA Classics title.

Stinger, I'm not sure, but I think the WC3 classic isn't a Windows edition.
Raid: Does nothing, huh?
Well, I'm afraid I can't do much more from here.

Earthworm: You sure? I know that there was a W95 version sold separately; thought it was the Classics edition.
Stinger said:
Earthworm: You sure? I know that there was a W95 version sold separately; thought it was the Classics edition.

Not 100% sure. The Classic edition, just like the original, is suposed to run without problems (and AFAIK it does for most people) in Windows, but I don't think it was Win native.
Stinger: I just checked the IRQ/DMA/IO settings Raid is currently using. Hmm...aren't they a little bit unusual? When I tried them on my sound card (ok, it's an older model!) it started to behave odd, too. Isn't IRQ 2/9 supposed to be used by the system itself?
My suggestion would be to use the standard settings for SB cards (I/O address 220, IRQ 5, DMA 1/3) and watch what happens.
But that's just my opinion, though!

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I want to thank every-one and especially Stinger for the help. If any -one thinks of some-thing please let me know.
Nighthawk, I may try your idea... The setting I gave were automatically chosen when I had to re-install my SBLIVE card, plug-n-play ya know.

Isn't it funny that I'm having the same problem in Academy? But no problem with Prophecy, SO, or any other game(win 95/98).
Any-way thanks to you all and if I come up with something I'll be sure to post it.

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