WC3 Ship Pack in Progress


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Figured i'd post this up here. A little something i'm whipping up here as a fun little final project before i ship out in 5 weeks. so far, the thunderbolt is fully finished in so far as modeling goes and fully unwrapped, ready for textures. the hellcat is finished in so far as modeling goes, and ready to be unwrapped. these are low poly models by the way, for games. when all done, i'll be releasing them. a little, wc3 terran fighter ship pack. i'll start on the cats, but i have no idea if i'll get them all done before i leave, we'll see.

the tri count for the thunderbolt is 2,518, the hellcat rests at 2,246. so, hope you like em. arrow and longbow are soon to come.




well, the hellcat is unwrapped, so i started on the Arrow. here's where i'm at so far, this was a quick test, a bit of cleaning and refining to do to the hull yet. so far, so good though. should be able to keep it around the same count as the other two.

I don't mean to be critical, mostly just curious, but is that where the guns are on the Hellcat? Or are those not guns?
and heres a nice render of the arrow with the other two ships. so far the arrow is at 694 tri's with not much left to do.


BradMick said:
i've got that covered already, just not to that point yet. got the arrow to finish and longbow to model.
I meant as an exercise for myself, but I'm sure you will do nicely. The arrow's looking good.
Looking great!!! Its just awesome! The thunderbolt looks really good, and the arrow is nice and smooth also! Keep it up! :D

Just a thought: how about adding the more detailed guns to the hellcat also? or that would pass the tri-limit?
that'd pass the tri limit. all the ships are using the same gun model, just scaled up or scaled down. heheh.

thanks for the comments. getting ready to start on the longbow here, now :)
alrighty, a bit later than expected, but here is where the Longbow stands right now. wings engines, turret and some touchups are all thats left.

been a while, figured i'd post up where i was at. (which is actually a little bit after the last post...heheh, stupid finals and stuff) finally got some time to finish this stuff up, so i'll be getting on that asap. for now, heres a quickie progress shot.

and no, the longbow is not done yet.



I really like the rear turret on the longbow. Gotta steal it for my Lb :p Mine didn't make it to the 3000tri limit, I got around 9000, but with making new guns and window it is possible :D Getting rid of unnececeraly runded stuff allways helps :D
Great work. Just give it and engine in/outlet, and some textures and your done!
Seening the ships side by side I got the impression that the Hellcat is a little bit short. Could be my imagination but I remember it a little bit more stretched ^_^
Are the ship also scalled to each other? I had the impression that the Longbow was bigger
they're all scaled to a 6ft figure sitting in the cockpit. based on that the scales are fairly accurate with said figure. in so far as the shapes go, they're all accurate. referencing the in game meshes with the high res renders from the warbirds deal, i've made sure i've got all the proportions and what not correct. now, there are differences between the wc3 and 4 versions of these ships. little things in the details, and some things in the proportions too. that may be why its a bit off to some folks. seems most are more familiar with the wc4 versions than the wc3.
It might just be the angle, but the forward half of the Longbow seems a just a little bit skinny or stretched.
The wings on the Longbow are just a little too big, and yes, the hellcat is a little too short. Other than that, great job.
Fatcat said:
The wings on the Longbow are just a little too big, and yes, the hellcat is a little too short. Other than that, great job.

you would be incorrect sir.

here's some shots of the in game models, and my models (black lines underneath) for comparison.