WC3 Movie list

Does copying the TRE file to hard drive (or even switching to 16-bit color depth) help? I haven't experienced this problem myself, but i suspect the movie player isn't recovering from slowdowns very well.. I'll try to come up with a fix soon. Anyone else having the same problem?
I haven't had that problem, but I do have trouble with video skipping and sound crackling if I have the sound acceleration set to anything other than "Basic Acceleration" in dxdiag.
I experienced sound/movie skipping only with WCP videos. The others work fine, though I haven't checked if I have sound acceleration.

But I want to express here my gratefulness for this tool, it's really cool. :cool:
So far, i've been unsuccessful duplicating these problems on my machine, so i'm not sure what could be the cause... I'll do further investigation tho. If nothing else, ripping options should get completed relatively soon.