WC2 KSaga speed problems


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I have had the Kilrathi Saga for a long time now, and the WC2 cutscenes have always worked fine. All of the sudden now, though, the cutscenes go by ulta-fast. The ones with speech are still OK, but the normal ones without speech zoom by. It's not just the words, the mouths move at crazy speeds as well. I tried installing WC2 again and DirectX again, but no luck. The only think I think is really different is that I am using DirectX 7.0a now. Is there an issue with this program and that version of DirectX, maybe? Anyone know what could be wrong?

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Did you just get a new PC? `cause that might explain the problem: Origin limited the speed only in the gameplay itself, not the cutscenes, and your computer specs indicate that cutscenes would run much faster than on older computers.
Well, anyway, this is something that was going to happen anyway. The thing I don`t understand is why it didn`t happen before with the specs of your PC.
Anyhoo, you can use a slowdown utility called Turbo to slow down your computer. I think they have it in the files section.
I suppose it`s because the animation there is usually only a few pictures put together. There`s almost no real animation in WC1.

Or maybe Origin decided that since there aren`t that many cutscenes, they can afford to fix the speed in them too.

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WC 1 animations seem to have had their speed limited properly, though perhaps even a tad too slow (IMHO). In WC 2, some cutscenes also work properly - notably, the ones with speech (since lip sync requires the animation to move at just the right speed), and the ones you see in flight (not at the start or the end of a mission - only in-mission scenes), since the flight engine is frame-limited properly. As for the other scenes... <sigh> gotta live with it.
Well, it's not too bad, really. It's weird, though - everything was exactly right last time I played. Every time I got on here and read someone mentioning this problem, I kept thinking, "What the hell are you talking about?" Very odd indeed.