WC2 Installation Problem


Hello everybody!

I got myself a copy of a Wing Commander Deluxe Edition on CD-ROM some time ago. I can install Wing Commander 1 and all Secret Missions without any problems, selection of the CD-R drive works fine (the installer files are dated Y94).

When I try to install WC2 And Secret Ops I always get 'Select Drive A c d' where I only can select A, other letters don't work, so I cannot install (installer dated Y92!). Anybody every had the same problems? I am sure it is linked with a faulty installer file, likely they forgot to replace it with an updated version on this edition. If anybody has working files of the CD Version, could you please be so kind and send those to me?

Contact me please!

Try copying the 'wing2' directory to your harddrive. Use 'winstall' to set up sound and then run the game from the harddrive.
How are you trying to install it? dosbox, or did you dig up an old 486 or pentium 1 somewhere?

The computer is an old Pentium Pro PC running DOS 6.22 which I built myself for playing DOS games, everything works fine now, the config files are ok too, what I find most interesting is that the WC1 installation works fine, just as wrote above.

I tried to copy it to the harddrive and ran the install already, to my surprise I always got an error message telling me that the config file could not be modified. In fact there was no config file in the folder and I did not forget to remove any write-only tag from the files, so it should have been able to save the file and good, but it did not work.

Could one of you just send me your install files so I could replace them on my disc and likely solve the problem? I feel that this is likely a faulty installer on my disc.

The only config file is a a txt file named wc2.cfg with text such as v a904 c27 depending on your settings.