WC2 Cinematics reverse-engineering thread

Because of the way Dosbox works, it just doesn't end up producing the most ideal playing experience. Slowing the game appropriately for the cutscenes often makes the game itself too slow or janky. Also not everyone is adept at figuring out dosbox and GOG's prepackaged games aren't always optimised. What's more, because everyone's setup is slightly different, it means every person ends up doing a ton of trial and error to get the settings 'just right.' Fixing it in the game files themselves eliminates the variables of people's varying hardware specs out of the picture.
GOG went for the cheapest way possible to patch some old DOS games by using the dead build of dosbox.
ECE and X surpassed all of it

plus the fact that EA doesnt want to use KS Windows releases for the main games, even give Dosbox WCIV the W95 exe.
though i hope this changes very soon seeing how jim managed to restore C&C ip with remastered
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