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I've been really bored at work today, really bored. So why not do something WC related. I hope someone finds these useful, if not, no harm done. 1 pixel = 1 metre. Also some of the smaller ships may be missing the odd pixel here and there from when I shrank them.

Does anyone know how big the Bloodfang (WC1 looking one) is from the ships2 section? And is the Snakeir 650 or 600m? And the Sivar 550 or 105m?

EDIT: Added in Gettysburg Class Crusier (Assumed 700m, ships2 section listed it as 700+m) and a normal Bengal Class (690m).


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Great idea, but it brings out how *huge* the WC1 fighters are relative to the ships by the given size. An interesting alternate project would be to scale the ifghters to the humans in the cutscenes and figure out how large they "look".
I was thinking of doing the fighters as though the measurements were in feet, I might do that later on and see how it works out.
Use the Rapier II to generate a conversion factor -- they're 24 meters long in "big" Wing Commander I and 19 meters long in "realistic" Wing Commander II.

Out of curiosity, which numbers did you use for the addon ships for your chart?
I used 700m for the Gettysburg Crusier.
96m for the Diligent.
650m for the Snakeir (there was also 600m stats there I wasn't sure what to pick)
550m for the Sivar (103m sounded far too small)
68m for the Lumbari
28m for the Hhriss

I'll redo the fighter part of it using that conversion scale i.e. 24:19
Fighters are now 79% of the size they were before.


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wow, the draymans are REALLY a lot smaller than what they look ingame.. that makes a lot more sense. The Claw is really small ingame. pitty.

What ship is that under the big bengal? and whay is it repeated donw below?
From what I guess, the top Bengal is the Tiger's Claw, and the bottom Bengal is "other Bengals" which are shorter than the Tiger's Claw
The larger Exeter is the Gettysburg-class cruiser, from Secret Missions 2 (the TCS Austin).

The second Bengal is the Bengals built from 2645 on, starting with the TCS Kipling (which were 10 meters shorter). The one at the top is the Tiger's Claw.
What about merging both lists together? Along with some of the WC3 ships, so we can see what the relative lenght of all in game ships is?
I need side views of all the WC3 ships to do one of these. All the pics I can find are on an angle.
Here is all the Confed ship's from WC1-2, I'll do a Kilrathi one when I've finished the WC2 Kilrathi Ship's and an all Ships's one as well. (Going to be a long list)

The WC1 fighters are still at 79% as before.


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And WC2 Kilrathi:

The Gothri and Bloodfang are missing as I have no idea of their length.

Edit: Added WC1-2 Kilrathi and the Composition (Stuck it on ImageShack as it got too big for here)



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I've always found this kind of thing interesting

And about the Draymans, I had the opposite reaction "Man they are so big!"

Compared to the fighters anyway... in-game it seemed like they were the same size as the fighters which really never made much sense to me.
Thanks for identifying the austin... I forgot about it. What about the WC2 stations, one is Caernavon, what about the other?