WC1 graphics glitch


I am running into a bit of a problem with the graphics on WC1. I just put WC1 on my new PC and I am using dosbox 6.3 so I don't have issues with no joystick function.

The graphics look fine for most of the mission, but sometimes they glitch out and the colors will go all nuts. I've found that the same error is produced if you try to go from fullscreen and back to the window only with dosbox (ctrl f12).

It seems like its doing this when the program is being loaded by a graphics intensive moment during combat or something.

There are no errors during boot or anything to indicate something wrong. I can keep playing the mission and finish it at least, but its really annoying having to go to the airlock after each mission and do the ole' "exit to dos". Once I do that, I can come back and all is well again.

Any help is appreciated!


Update - fixed!

Well, I am in luck. I shut down the PC last night, and came back to play this morning and all is just fine!

Don't know what the heck was wrong but a simple reboot was all that was needed apparently!