WC1 Fan Carrier

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Hooray for whoring SciFiMeshes late at night looking for WC models!


The Thread

Cool, I made that carrier. It didn't get much of a reception over at sci fi meshes, hope it fairs better here. I would love to work with anyone here on a mesh or project, just let me know. Or if you have an idea for a carrier(or any ship) but no way to model it I would love to help!!!!!!
Hmmm. I only get the infamous X when trying to see it. Could you post a direct link to it or something?
SinisterInc said:
Yeah, I think you have to be logged in over there to see it? I would post a picture here, but it seems I can't.

I have something like that ... a case of my-meshes-are-low-poly-and-detailing-gives-me-a-aneurism-and-my-3D-card barely-works-and-I-model-with-gmax :D Oh, also, check out the WC Update thread with the date on it in the Wing Commander Saga forum ... there's a couple shots of the Manassas-class light cruiser. I bet poor, overworked and underpaid Lynx would appreciate the help :p
Do we have enough gun/missile mounts on this thing? Besides that, looks like a cross between a Bengal and an Exeter . . . possible Gettysburg-type ship if the landing bay wasn't so big. Maybe a Bengal refit?

It looks to me like WC1's very own Intrepid-like ship for some reason, except it's not green.
It looks like a majorly updated Bengal-class, but maybe that's an obvious duh...

Victoria class, the way (we wish) we were...

But a very nice design nonetheless.
I think it could afford to lose the HUGE number designation on the front. Also, the flight deck is HUGE as well. Where does all of the crew live? Where will the multiple reactors live?? Seems to me this ship is all flight deck. I could be wrong.