WC1 3D Models


It's been awhile since I've posted. I put up some mini-Lego Wing Commander ships about a year ago, but I've since moved on to a new project.

I'm looking for Wing Commander models. I need 3D models, any format (except .max), and I need them to be WC1 era only.

I have a Hornet, a Rapier, and a Dralthi that I've made myself. I need to spend less time modeling and more time coding.

If you could port them to .obj, .lwo, or .3ds that would be great...but I do have my own conversion tools if necessary.

I can't seem to find anything...anywhere.


How do I contact him? I tried clicking on his username to send him a PM, but I don't see the option.


I got the WC1 remake, but I want to extract the models.

The models he made are great, but his textures are really convoluted. I'd rather create my own single .jpg's for the meshes. It's easier to mod it that way in the future.

So...I need to go from mesh.bin to iff...or to .obj...

Kevin Caccamo

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I was going to send you a PM with the Raptor and Scimitar that I use for WCHF, but for some reason, I couldn't reply to your message.


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Another option, you might ask the Standoff guys for their meshes, they might let you use them if you re-texture them.