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Hi fellow wingnuts,

the last few days I have tried to gather all available information on the .000 files of WC1.

I have found some great stuff here in the CIC's file section and on various other sites.
Unfortunately, quite some links provided here in older threads are not available anymore. Posting on the according threads did not yield any responses so far.
Therefore, there's still some parts missing from the puzzle. Hopefully, someone can help me out here with some answers:
  • I have read about needing an unpacked missions.000 file. Is this the only packed .000 file or are camp.000 and briefing.000 also packed?
  • How can I unpack the missions.000 file? I know, there are unpacked files available for download but I think it wouldn't hurt to know how to do it.
  • Do I need to re-pack edited .000 files to be able to use them in the game? (if not, I wonder how the game knows, if the content is packed or not?)

I really appreciate all the work and hours that so many of you have spent on decoding the internals of those games and I'd love to show my appreciation by giving back something to the community.

Hopefully, your answers will enable me to do so.

Thanks in advance for your help,



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Finally, HCl told me the solution. Thank you very much.

The original DOS version installer asks whether you want to extract the data files (save time or space).
Unfortunately, the gog version delivers the compressed files.

Luckily, the PC Gamer Coverdisk version available for download here contains the uncompressed files.

Btw, the files contain flags which indicate if the corresponding data is compressed. So both compressed and uncompressed versions can be used for gaming.
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