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I finally was able to publish the current state of my editor, which is called WC-Workshop.

You can find it here: http://wcworkshop.on-the-web.tv/ http://www.wcworkshop.net

I'm looking forward to your feedback, both about the application itself and about some newly discovered resource data.

Please note, that neither the application nor the data are complete. There's still lots of information on the forum which I have not yet been able to display.

The server may be a little bit slow currently. I'm working on this. Also, there'll be a dedicated top-level domain available soon.

Hope you like it,
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I've only been looking at this for a few minutes, but I'd like to suggest a change if it is possible.
I love that the sections open in tabs, makes it easy to switch between stuff. However it is a pain the tabs scroll off the top of the right hand pane. Any chance of putting that into a frame of its own, so you can switch between bits more easily?

(no need to respond again delMar. Just thought I'd move the comment for better context when others read it.
Nice progress delMar.
My suggestions:
Putting the system names in would help certain areas faster.
Any place that the Medal Killpoints say 2000 the Medal should be "None" as there is no way to get 2000 Medal Killpoints.
I think the First Line section should be relabeled Character and the actual first line should be moved down with the rest of the text.

I think understanding the Savegame will help to understand the triggers for the text.

Would viewing how I think WC1 is flow-charted help in anyway? The way I did it for WC2?
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Thanks for the input, Shades.
I'll take that into account.

Yes, I'd love to have a look at your flowcharting notes.
Hey very cool! :)

I like the approach you took, building the editor as a web app. I've been musing about converting my WC2 ship importer scripts into a web app as well (a combination of both HTML5 and Javascript), that might prove interesting.

I'll look around again later and see if I can pick anything else of interest from my notes.
Yeah, I can only say what everyone else already has - looks great! Awesome, in fact. I used to dislike this newfangled trend of people making browser-based tools instead of just letting me download the executable to my PC, but these days, given how good internet connections have become, I'm starting to come around to the notion that this approach does actually have more advantages than disadvantages :).

Concerning facial expressions, it would be helpful if we could build a sort of visual "dictionary" of what the different expressions look like. I do recall hex-editing the expressions at one point - sadly, I never took notes :(. What I do remember is that most of this stuff concerns the eye movements - lips get less attention (presumably because there's relatively few points in conversations where there is space for a dialogue pause).
At some point making a phonetic dictionary would be nice too. And maybe even linking it to mouth movements.
No need right now of course but prepping the program for later on might help.
Glad you like it!

Just a short update: System and Wing names are now displayed as they are contained in the MODULE.000 file which I started to integrate today.
Also, Nav-Points are already displayed in the tree, but do not yet display detailed information. I just did not find the time today...

The UI will improve over time, right now the data is displayed more or less according to where it belongs technically.
I definitely will re-arrange it and not only that, some data won't be even editable in the editor (eg the number of missions per series is stored somewhere, iirc), it will just be calculated upon resource file generation.

Next update will deal with detailed information about nav points. As already mentioned earlier, I have lots more of information already decoded than I can display at the moment.

Concerning webapps: in many areas I consider them superior.
Soon, you can decide yourself, if you work on your Wing Commander campaigns on some tablet (regardless, if iOS, Android or Windows), some desktop (iOS, Windows, Linux) or even your mobile phone. At work or at home :-)

Some visionary stuff:
Once the editor is not read-only anymore, you'll be able logon and have your personal Wing Commander workspace online.
Generated files can be either downloaded, or synchronized to some cloud account (Dropbox, etc) and to your desktop from there.
Maybe there will even be some support for cooperative work, where you can allow other users access to your campaign.

But first we'll have to get the editor part going. Then we'll take care of the rest :-)
Grand vision. I hope it comes to fruision.

Here is an old file I put together. Half of it is tested so it should be correct. The systems I haven't fully tested are. Gateway, Chengdu, Port Hedland, Hubble's Star, Hell's Kitchen, and Venice.

I hope it help.



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Nice work, Shades. That'll surely help with verification.

btw, new update deployed. Now displaying some nav point data
now also displaying SM1 and SM2
and improved displaying cutscene commands
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I have finally found the time to check out HCl's WC1.BAS.
I think it contains nearly complete data about ships in missions.

The update now shows ship's information on the missino screens.
There's still more inside that .bas file, though.
Shades, I totally missed your post, sorry.

I love browsing through stuff like your script. If there's more, I'd love to see it.
What's especially cool about the one you already posted, is, that it contains screenshots of the more extraordinary cutscenes (Brimstone, Gimle, ...).
So far, I don't know where else to find the information, when those are shown in the game.
I have flow-charted scripts for almost all the WC games. I don’t remember if I did Prophecy. I didn’t finish RF and I never started P2. The rest are done or near done.

[Edit] Note: Text highlighted in yellow are untested and I didn't know where to place it.
Text highlighted in green are tested scripts but I couldn't figure out how to trigger them.

What's especially cool about the one you already posted, is, that it contains screenshots of the more extraordinary cutscenes (Brimstone, Gimle, ...).
So far, I don't know where else to find the information, when those are shown in the game.

I grabbed the first disk I could find, which was the Kilrathi Saga, but the files names should be the same.

The cutscenes are in:
MIDGAME.V01 = McAuliffe VI
MIDGAME.V02 = Brimstone
MIDGAME.V03 = Rostov
MIDGAME.V04 = Goddard
MIDGAME.V05 = In the Throne Chamber of the Emperor of Kilrah
MIDGAME.V06 = Fnchirr Settlement, Northern Continent, Firekka
MIDGAME.V07 = Sharrhi Settlement, Southern Hemisphere, Firekka.
MIDGAME.V08 = Lkhi Settlement, Northern Hemisphere, Firekka.

I don’t know where Venice or Hell’s Kitchen is.

The update now shows ship's information on the missino screens.
There's still more inside that .bas file, though.
Could that be ship numbers, waves, and position?


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If you haven't been reading the Hellcat cockpit in the WC2 style... thread then you might want too. When you get to WC2 it may come in handy.

That thread and yours got me thinking about things and so I started digging through my WC archives of projects people had done and here is what I found.

Excerpt from WCNav Text file: "WCNAV was made as an all purpose graphics viewer for the Wing Commander series of games. Currently it is able to autodetect nearly all WC1 and WC2 graphics in VGA and Vnn files (where nn is a two digit number)."

WC1Viewer is a Java script viewer for the ships I think.

I know this in feature creep but adding something like these into you program might be useful.

Just a thought.


EDIT: If anyone knows how to get these to work in W7pro-64 that would be helpful.
Thanks! :-)


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