WC Side-by-side with BSG (April 13, 2019)


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Dardael has created another YouTube video, and this one is highlights a number of similarities between Wing Commander and the classic Battlestar Galactica. This isn't necessarily to say that WC copied BSG - rather, WC plays on a lot of classic themes from Star Wars, anime, famous sci-fi novels and more. A few noteworthy ones here include the look of the initial intro logo, the fighter launch sequence and even Dralthi/Cylon Raider similarity. It's a fun comparison to see them side by side like this!

Comparative video between the famous 1978 series and the Origin Systems Space Game from 1990
In 2007, Auran Games and Sierra published a Battlestar Galactica game for Xbox Live Arcade, and numerous reviews noted how close it was to Wing Commander Arena.

Original update published on April 13, 2019