WC Saga Titles... thoughts.


Sphynx said:
Wing Commander Saga: Reign of Fire

i thought of that one too, but then i remembered it was the name of that bad dragon movie i watched and it didnt strike me to name WC after that film title. :p


Bandit LOAF

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I think part of the awkwardness about the title may be the inclusion of the word 'Saga'. If it's just one 'Wing Commander Saga', then it follows that it shouldn't need to be further defined by a subtitle...

Even the original title parses a bit better when you use the plural --

Wing Commander Sagas: Front Line of the Devil


Good point. I mean, maybe Saga tells you all that you really need to know about it. It's a word that sounds epic in proportions, which this game is meant to be. It tells the whole story, not just the story of Blair and the Victory. Maybe they should call it Wing Commander Saga and leave it at that. It sounds like what it is.

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overmortal said:
Too bad KS already included the word 'Saga', huh?
Well, copying pays better than innovating- just look at Bill Gates :D.. Also, WC is known for copying- The Star Wars trench run to destroy the Death Star as Mark Hamill fires a torpedo through a small opening = The WC3 trench run to destroy Kilrah as Mark Hamill fires a T-Bomb through a small opening.. Jedi Powers = Pilgrim Powers... Han and company fly the Falcon into an asteroid crater to hide from the Empire as the Empire bombards them from above = Paladin and company take their spaceship into an asteroid crater to hide from the Kilrathi as the Empire bombards them from above etc. etc. Leaving the title as Wing Commander Saga would be fine- but aren't they planning on having 2 different Sagas? Plus naming it "Sagas" doesn't sit well with me, sort of like the WC games being called "Wing Commanders".. plus it makes the word Saga sound less epic.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Jedi Powers = Pilgrim Powers...

I've never heard a reasonable explanation of how these are similar.

Han and company fly the Falcon into an asteroid crater to hide from the Empire as the Empire bombards them from above = Paladin and company take their spaceship into an asteroid crater to hide from the Kilrathi as the Empire bombards them from above etc. etc.

I think these are both taken from classic submarine movies. (Which is clearly the influence for a huge amount of the Tiger's Claw stuff in the WC movie.)


ChrisReid said:
I don't think Tigers have fists exactly.

ok ok :p claw of the tiger... sheesh :rolleyes: lol

i think just calling it Wing Commander Saga would describe it as its meant to be with out the subs as well, maybe adding a word before saga, like Victory Saga or something i duno :p



Wow, lots of activity here. Its wonderful to see such interest in the game. A few things I can clean up:

- Front Line of the Devil is not going to be the title.

- As far as I know, Wing Commander Saga was never meant to be the title, either. Wing Commander Saga is the encompassing title of the group of games (and I guess it refers to the developers, too) that this group was and is doing (in the far future and probably with some different personnel when some - if not most - of us burn out from this one ;) ). Take for example Medal of Honor in MoH:Allied Assault, MoH:Rising Sun, MoH:pacific Assault, MoH:Frontline, MoH:Insert WWII Reference, etc.
So, its not really wrong for people to refer to this game as "Saga". Basically, if you can't tell, all options are open right now :D.

- Thanks for the title suggestions. As Lars said, we are only paying title selection lip service right now. I think every Saga member has their own 'baby' when it comes to titles, but who knows, maybe something one of you throws out will make it to the games title sequence :).


gevatter Lars

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Viper is right WC Saga is more a title for the team working on the FS2 Mod and hopefully will be the basis for a lot of other WC games based on our release.
Internal different members have allready plans for their own campains after the maincampian is released.


gevatter Lars said:
Wing Commander Saga: Redone/Remodeled....since we redoing every ship again and again and....^_^

In that case you should name it:

"Wing Commander: Reloaded"

:D Too bad that's another title already taken by a movie. :rolleyes:
Or how about that one:

"Wing Commander: Secret Weapons of the Confederation"

Would also be a nice reference to a certain WWII flight sim we (hopefully) all know. Then again, maybe it's just about time I took my pills... :p


oooh had a few more ideas....wow im like thinking of them my brain works! just not at a high standard :p

WC Saga: (or just WC if you drop the saga bit) Warfront
WC Saga: Threshold
WC Saga: Crossing the Line
WC Saga: Legacy of the Tiger
WC Saga: Closing Act
WC Saga: Unseen Offensive
WC Saga: Loom of War
WC Saga: Darkest Hour
WC Saga: Defining Moment
WC Saga: The Final Hope (not an intentional starwars dragtagged line :p just replacing the word new with final and A with the)
WC Saga: Fate of War
WC Saga: Passage to Victory (hmm this one sounds similar to one mentioned)

anyway, im sure ill be out of ideas soon


Mjr. Whoopass

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WC Saga: The Major Battles (something to suggest that this epic is every bit as crucial as the WC3 events- The Main Battles.. The Key Battles.. I guess "The Flagship Fleets" from earlier suggests that too..)
WC Saga: The Terran Gambit (a nod to chess references :))
WC Saga: The Hail Mary (j.k.. :D a religious/sports reference to the fact that it was a last ditch "throw the whole fleet at Kilrah" offensive.)
WC Saga: Return of the Pilgrim (j.k. [Return of the Jedi] a nod to Vermin's "The Confed Strikes Back" and "The Final Hope" ideas)
WC Saga: The Rest of the Story (sounds too "Paul Harvey")
WC Saga: Two Sides to Every Story
WC Saga: The Neverending Story (j.k. one for the developers continually redoing ships and the 80's movie)


guess what my brain didnt die i got a few more (man i really need to see someone about this its like a ghost haunting my head).

WC Saga: The Shadow of War (i really like this one the best idea i think ive come up with)
WC Saga: Piece of the Action (hmm isnt this a novel title)
WC Saga: Heart of the Fleet
WC Saga: Fall of Kilrah
WC Saga: Birth of Peace
WC Saga: Seige
WC Saga: Mirror Campaign
WC Saga: The Attack of the Confed (yes another nod to Mjr. Whoopass and star wars god im a nerd without hope)

wow maybe now i can call ghostbusters



How about some theater metaphors with other random stuff?
Wing Commander: The Fading Light
Wing Commander: Dying Ground
Wing Commander: The Final Act (okay, so I don't like this one.)
Wing Commander: The Glory of Sivar (reference to either the possible Kilrathi victory or the brilliant light set off by Kilrah as it explodes... it would be interesting to have a prophecy talking about the Heart of the Tiger and his role in the Glory of Sivar, which would be taken as a vague prophecy of Kilrathi success that actually turns out to be a prophecy of doom and defeat).
Wing Commander: Legions of Iron (hints at the epic fleet battles)