WC Saga Seeking Voice Actors (February 7, 2011)


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It's time again for WC Saga to look for voice actors, and dozens of slots are surprisingly available. Each of the roles is detailed in a post at the Voice Acting Club. Plenty of grimacing dudes and even a few ladies' characters are up for grabs. Auditions should be sent in by Feb 15. Find out more here.

I represent the Wing Commander Saga team. We are currently in full production and making considerable progress towards our full campaign release which is scheduled for mid-spring. So, the time has come to also turn up the heat on filling our voice acting roles. We still have several major roles to fill, as well as literally dozens of minor roles. Please feel free to throw your hat in the ring and send us a sample.

Original update published on February 7, 2011
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First reminds me of Brad Pitt and Commander Tucker (Enterprise), fourth of Dana Scully (X-Files), and fifth of Thirteen (House). Sixth is Dr. Gregory House, obviously. :p


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Gah. everyone looks so pro in that request... no way someone like me can try for this...


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Gah. everyone looks so pro in that request... no way someone like me can try for this...

This is their 4 or 5th time asking for voice actors (after having already stated they'd cast the whole crew several years ago....) so anything is possible.

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Is Saga 'German'? I thought it was basically Psych's project. I think these are the characters from his "Wing Commander Aces" fanfic.

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I thought Tolwyn was just their news person? Isn't it all Psych and his WC Aces friends' story? The Aces stuff really stood out in the prologue and still in these character descriptions.


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scroll a bit down in the first post, there you should see, that the pilots consists of different cultures.

I agree. We should all be more sensitive to peoples dominated by a totalitarian dictatorship so long as its multicultural.

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Oh my, i thought CIC was one of the few exceptions to Godwin's Law.
And the first one is quite clearly Ken, i can tell 'cause i'm on the internet.


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the saga people are german, e.g. "tolwyn", "feyk ler tag" etc.

Actually I'm half austrian and half italian. And I'm not involved in the developement of Saga. (But I might be soon if I'm accepted as tester and/or as voice actor but it's yet to be decided) :)

Well, anyways, I'm looking forward to Saga's main campaign and future Saga Mods and Add-ons. And I wonder how the voice actors will perform. :)