WC-Saga mentioned in german magazine

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Yes, I would really like to know that too . I've already contacted czacen to find out what is actually going on, unfortunately now I can't continue the dialogue.

But making us all guilty for one jerks post without any proof or further explanation isn't very fair IMO. Even if it was a saga-member (and to this point it doesn't look so), it wasn't authorized and is not the opinion of the Saga-Team itself, since no one from us has misfeelings against the HW2 Mod, actually the contrary is the truth.

You shouldn't project your personal hate against this mod or the people who made it in such a manner. We made errors in the past, but for all we took the responsibilty, and cleared out the isues with the people involved.

This action here is unnecessary.


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Long Live the Confederation!
This is exactly what you did to the Freelancer mod, which completely killed it. You won't do it again.

Users may *not* post anonymously when they've been banned. Someone IP block him.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Why We Fight

The Saga team and I don't get along - and that's an understatement. When I saw a chance to nail the Saga team again, I took it without question. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

I'm not sorry about believing they were guilty in the first place. We all know that they caused similar problems for The Reckoning project, which lead to that team's collapse. They apologized for that, and I never accepted it - it seemed, to me, to ring hollow as their goal had already been accomplished. Eternal vigilance and all that. What I'm sorry for is the extent to which I pursued a personal grudge by cloaking it in the best interests of the community. I was entirely wrong to do this.

It is not in the best interests of the community to block out the Saga project; that was only in my interests. There is no proof that they were responsible for trolling the Homeworld project, and I was wrong to insist there was. The community is what's important here, not our egos.

Nice words - but I'm good at nice words. What am I going to do about it?

To that end, I have unbanned the Saga team - even Sphynx, who goes out of his way to insult me personally whenever possible. I am going to ask that Chat Zone staff no longer moderate the fan projects forums -- our personalities do not mesh. A fan project needs a charismatic character at its head, just like the community itself does, and the two plus power do not ever mix well.

Beyond this, I've spoken with several forum members recently, and I've been somewhat disturbed by what they are saying about how the message boards are run. My goal in all of this has always been to create an honest community - one with comraderie and a general feeling that it is the superior to all others. When I sign on to IRC and find people who have become my true friends - men like Goku or Frosty - waiting to share a joke or a technical fact just like pilots on the Tiger's Claw, I feel blessed. I want -- and have always wanted -- the message boards to work the same way.

I do not agree that I have overadministrated the boards, but others who are in a more even position to judge feel this way. To that end, I am here asking KrisV to remove me from the list of administrators. If you, the community that matters, believes that my strong opinions and administration panel should not mix, then I will by my own choice lose the one I can. I believe, truly, that you will find I did very little of the dirty work here - but if it will put your minds at ease, so be it. Please return this power to me when - not if - Electronic Arts announces a new Wing Commander title. We'll need all the moderators we can get at that point.

I attempted to end this argument "quietly", by suggesting to Dishwasher that Saga release a few 3D models to prove that they were loyal to our greater goals. I was wrong to suggest this as some sort of blackmail because they were not at fault here - but, I will suggest and support it now in public: not because it would put my mind at ease, but because it would improve the community.

The community is the goal here, we should never forget that. I did, and it was stupid of me.

I also herein ask that Kris restore the wcsaga.solsector.net forwarding -- my friends were wrong (or perhaps simply to close to me) for supporting me in my crusade. I had also hoped to institute a blanket amnesty, including permabans like EdFilho, for the anniversary next month: please consider following this policy regardless.

Finally, I'm going to write tomorrow's news update about Saga's new Bloodfang model myself. It's very pretty.

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