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I am joking :D Belay that, it's a part joke, part insult, part question (what is Casper Station meant to be first of all: a WC story, or a romance story?)


I had hoped that the story would have all the elements - drama, action, romance, and science - in it - that's true fiction in my view

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The best storie is that one that dont end, but still have a ending, but leave through. The easier to make a storie if the end isent a typical "happy end".


I remember when I was in the navy. It is not against the rules to have relationships. It is not a good idea to ever let them interfere with work though. Infact you used to be able to get accomodation together. Officers and enlisted ratings was never a good idea though. Sex on battleships was not really allowed but then neither was it disallowed. Just happened and everyone ignored it. It meant that a lot of people performed better cos they had some release.

As for story endings. I hate when there is too much left undone, makes me feel cheated somehow.


I remember in End Run that Jason--I think that is the main character, been a while--said that even though the military looked down upon fraternation; there were no rules or regulations against (or for) fraternation between officers, enlisted men and women, and even different branches of the military.

I will have to look, but I am too lazy so :p . :D :D



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just one thing to comment on, Dammerung, they may split couples up in the American military, but they dont in the Canadian military(or at least in the Reserves which is where my experience is).


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It is also mentioned in end run that Jason could have married Svetlana, if she wanted to, and a captain can marry two people, even in reality. Now I don't know if they were able to do so because they were in two seperate branches. Also a high up military personel, can't think of name or rank on this one, also sent Svetlana to Jason's room in which it is implied (at least to me) that they did have sex. Once again you have to take into consideration that they are in two different branches of the military.