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Trying to run prophecy with the dvd files, everything is updated but it asks for cd1, I have put all files onto one dvd but still will not play it, does the cd or dvd have to be named a certain name
I must check, I replayed the game with the DVD files a few years ago.

does the game work with cd 1 inserted ? I have the original 3-cd game
Can you outline all the steps you've taken to install the game? Also can you give us some info on your system specs/OS etc? Sometimes the order patches are installed in, various compatability settings, and even install directories can make a difference in how the game runs.

You also mentioned burning the files to a DVD... do you have the original CDs? Did the game run from the CDs before applying any of the patches at all? Are you using the GOG version?
I remember some steps to override the movie files to have DVD playback,

Have not tested it on Windows 10 yet but SOP works 100%

I've been replaying Freespace2 on the Blue Planet mod its looks unbelievably good, Saga also via Freespace with the ships upgrade, I monitor the fps, freesync(ips) enabled and it stays at 75fps, i can clearly note the smoothness vs 60 fps when I turn the ship around fast, the way it should feel ! We have gone a long way to play these games properly, I can just imagine a Wing Commander 1/2 remake like this !
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Cannot remember the exact order , my system is win 98se running on a p4 2.4mhz cpu.
Is there a post that tells you the way to do it as I followed the way it mentions at the download
I installed my cd game and used the wcpep_release patch(unzip to wcp install folder), you must run the install.exe but first copy the .tre files from the cd's (all three) to that Patch folder, first read the readme file to see which files to copy, then make sure your display res is the same as what you select on the install options otherwise the video playback will not be correct, then I installed the improved visual updates with OpenGL-WCP_setup.

can someone test the gog version and give feedback.

I just tested Prophecy now on Windows 10 Pro 64 - 1903 built, working fine.
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