WC:Invasion (Empire at war Mod) The end

Major A Payne

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Just a heads up. I've tried no end of things to try to get the galactic conquest mode to work as it should, somtimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Therefore, I'm calling time on the project. Perhaps one day I'll go back to it but for now I don't think I can go any further at this current time. I mean I could add a whole bunch of new ships, but as these would duplicate other ships already in the mod, there would be little point seeing as this would lead to redundant ships. Unfortunately one big let down of the game engine is the difficulty of adding new sides. I've seen this done a few times with other mods and whilst they have had some success the results are pretty buggy. Especially with regards to the AI.

Appologies to anyone who may have been waiting for v3.0 but I cant see it happening any time soon. I'm also toying with the idea of going back to a game a bit more familiar to my modding abilities but aside from not knowing how much call there would be for this kind of mod for such an old game engine there is already a base mod that is being worked on. If this does go ahead then many elements from the EAW mod will be redone and a whole new set of structures would be created.

I'll keep anyone who is interested updated as time allows.

Oh and a quick edit to ask a question to those in the know.

Has there ever been any sub factions or secret organisations for the confeds or kilrathi??
Has there ever been any sub factions or secret organisations for the confeds or kilrathi??

Sorry to hear about the pause in development!

On the subject of sub-factions, there's quite a few! Just a quick list off the top of my head:

Confed: Special Operations group like in SO1/SO2, Covert Ops like Angel's team in WC3, Black Lance from WC4, Belisarius Group from False Colors, Mandarins from WC2/SOs, Border Worlds/Republic of Landreich/Grovesner Colonies, or the Mercenaries/Merchants Guilds from Priv.

For Kilrathi, you have the Drakhai, Cult of Sivar, various pirate groups (N'Ryllis' Demon's Eye Pack) from Prophey, the various major noble clans, and the post-Empire Assembly of Clans from Prophecy.

And you can also choose from dozens of different squadrons.