WC for ipod using idos



Recently, Idos was released for the ios.
Though quickly banned, thousands of people were able to download it.

Idos is a version of dosbox made for the apple iphone, ipod, ipad.
I'm having some problems running Wing Commander 1 and 2 on my ipod touch 3g.

Specifically, Wing commander 2 wants to crash once I try to land on the Concordia in mission 2.
Also, Wing commander 2 has a wierd mouse problem where when i reduce the cycles to 1700, which is required for correct sound and gameplay, the mouse goes haywire and shoots to the upper left.

For wing commander 1., I can get it to boot just fine, but the same kinda mouse error, where it shoots to the upper left corner also occurs.

Any thoughts?
Anyone else messin around with WC on the idevices?
Hi Mookmonster, I don't know IOS, but the same problem happened with dosbox privateer, with the cursor constantly drifting to the upper left corner. In my case this was solved by setting the joystick to 2-axis. Maybe this helps?

Why was it banned?

My understanding is that it was pulled because it allowed users to access the entire iPhone filesystem (read only on the important files) from the command prompt. One rumor suggests we may see it return to the app store once issues like that are resolved.

The issue with WC2 crashing is very similar to what happens in dosbox. It's a problem with the way memmory is addressed. In dosbox you would fix this with the loadfix command. Not sure how that would work with this program.

idos, as far as I am aware, does not have joystick support. As a result, its all mouse and keyboard, so no options to set joystick to 2 axis.

The program is actually really bare minimus as far as I can tell.

Anyway, I guess I gotta put this on the backburner until the program magically is updated, or god just allows me to play wing commander yet again on a new device.

FYI, using the mouse controls actually worked great until things started to go crazy, sucha shame to, cuz i really feel like the ipod touch can handle this one. Boots up great, the mouse issue seems kinda random, to be honost, but the real killer is the guaranteed crash in the middle of second mission.

WC1 still no go, stupid mouse