WC crossover with Guyver (zoanoids)


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This is an idea I kicked around for a while a few years back and tinkered with to get a "crossover" idea for you fan-writers... especially those with a Kilrathi-persuation.

Basically, the "GUYVER" series (anime/comics/whatever) history on a general level with a few changes. At the end of the Guyver/Zoanoid war the world governments burried everything related to the Guyver Bio-booster Armor, the Chronos Corporation, and the "bio-tech" known as Zoanoids.

General Series Info:

FYI: Zoanoid: is a human who can "morph" into a creature of superior strength and speed. When killed they rapidly degrade to little more than a pile of goo, leaving no bones or tissue to be studied. Humans were originally created by "The Ancients" to be weapons in this war of theirs. For whatever reason they just up and left. The strongest Zoanoids killed each other off, and the weaker ones interbred with common "untreated" humans until all humans had the Zoanoid "transformation gene" but couldn't actually use the ability.
To activate, a human is placed into what the call "the soup"... a tank of chemicals, proteins, hormones, and a mix of selected genetics. Several days later they emerge with the ability to "zoa-morph" from their normal human form into a humanoid-monster form.

FYI: Guyver: a living bio-armor that hides in sort of a hyperspace pocket. It bonds to a human, and when called, forms a protective suit over the human. Unbonded, a G-unit looks like a small 3-part disk around tendrels with a metal ball at its core. THe core, "control metal" is what controls the guyver's many complex chemical reactions. In a bonded state, the recepient is 10x stronger and faster, equipped with bladed weapons, and has highly advanced and rapid regenerative abilities... so much so that they can regrow limbs in the span of minutes to hours. A human bonded to a guyver will have a greatly expanded lifespan, and is for all intents, immortal. However if the "control metal" is damaged or removed the guyver will litteraly "eat itself" as its chemical processes go wild, resulting in a painful death for whoever it is bonded to.

FYI: The Ancients: left for whatever reason. Some of Chronos executives think it was because they feared their own creations. Others thought the war simply overwhealmed them before the weapon ("Humanity") could be perfected and brought into use.

FYI: Chronos Corp: A bio-tech company that re-discovered the Zoanoid ability within humans. By activating it and programming it with specific genes, they can produce Zoanoids with many different appearances and abilities. Chronos was close to being able to take over the world when they discovered several Guyver's in their "unbonded" state, and then lost them to (for the most part) "good-hearted" people who were not of the company. Accidentally triggering the units, several humans thus used the Guyver's to fight Chronos. In the end Chronos and the Guyver's wiped each other out.

Crossover Idea:

A few hundred years later... between WC1 and WC2 during the "Battle for Earth"... the earth government discovers a long-buried and long-forgotten Chronos lab. Several Marines and Pilots are selected and put into "the soup" with various selected Lion, Tiger, or Panther genetics (and undoubtedly a bunch of Kilrathi bio-samples).

The project is labelled "Ultra Top Secret". The resulting zoanoids can pass for actual Kilrathi (barring a thorough medical or genetic screening). They get set off on missions that last weeks if not months (or years depending on how long it is between "Battle for Earth" and "Destruction of Kilrah"). To protect its secret everything is moved onto a modified medical frigate that has been modifed to have a small flight bay, silent running ability, etc etc. "Project Zoanoid" has the same kind of secrecy level as the Behemoth will later have.

The project is not without its problems though. Maintaining the Kilrathi form and mindset for long periods can (and does) cause some zoanoids to forget they are human. Others loose their sense of "who they really are" or go schitzo/bipolar.

Due to limited interactions with regular people, these "kilrathi-like zoanoids" tend to relate/date/marry with their own kind. (unless they've been under cover so long that they've had to date actual cats to try to help maintain their cover).

What's worse is that the ship things were run from suffers some kind of "great disaster" while its only Confed HQ contact is onboard visiting. Evidently the project wasn't working as well as hoped and the non-zoanoid superiors in-charge feared a sort of rebellion by the zoanoids so they tried to off them... worse, should the real Kilrathi learn of these zoanoids, they might triple their war effort out of pure anger. Only the zoanoids found out what was being planned, and being the half-crazed bunch they are they started fighting back. This results in some explosions, the crash-landing of the ship, and for the most part, everyone onboard at that time ending up dead.

The ship will crash-land on some barely-habitable planet, leaving the few remaining active operatives out in the field (various cat-held worlds, or on ships, or whatnot) with no one to report to, no help, and no means to return home.

The Story

In my own self-styled version of the story, a lone man is found in a cryo-suspension escape pod. He has amnesia, gets recovered by Confed. Seeing as his file says he's an expert pilot and, other than going MIA during a covert op (which no one can get intel on) he gets shipped into the war.

Before long though this man will crash-land his fighter on some planet. He took out the enemy carrier and its fighters, and a cat-pilot of equal skill took out his carrier and his comrades. He and this other pilot damaged each other to force each other into the crash landing.

In my case, the other pilot is female and a younger sister of Prince Thrakhath (not the famous ?twin? sister shown near the end of the Wing Commander Academy cartoon series. It was the only way I could imagine a female cat being a pilot of skill, rather than a priestess or whatnot role that most cat-females seem to get stuck with according to most info)

In any event, the man has a breakdown when he sees her, and flips into his kilrathi-zoanoid self. He thinks she's his supposedly dead wife, a former zoanoid who he had fallen for. He can't bring himself to harm her.
- Is she really who she says she is? Could she be a zoanoid who has come to believe she's actually a kilrathi?
- Is our male hero so grief-stricken that he can't distinguish between a dead lover and this cat-femme? Or was the death of his lover part of a cover-up done by (now dead) superiors who didn't like the idea of zoanoids having relationships?
oh... guess I forgot to elaborate on a few things.

See... in my version the "femme cat" has problems back home. While she's attractive to the crazed male-zoanoid-hero, she's not exactly "popular" with the males back home. What's worse, the only males who are after her are the ones who simply want her because of her rank/power/royal-blood.

She's out to be her own cat, much like her older sister Zukara, and her older brother, Thrakhath. She wants her own choice in things.

So the princess is a bit hesitant to kill this male zoanoid. She can use him on so many levels. If she keeps his secret she can use him to convince others that she's desireable for reasons other than her being royalty. She can use him to help get her father/grand-father/whatever to stop trying to set her up in a pre-arranged type marriage (in other words, offer her as "a prize" to whatever noble male who manages to "earn her").

And what will he do if they get found/rescued/captured by Confed? Will he betray Confed to protect her? Will the Kilrathi view him as the one from the "Prophesy of Sivar" as being "the one who is kilrathi like but not kilrathi born"?

Concepts of "identity" and "species"

I myself am somewhat of a romantic, but the story idea has other merits (you can see them sometimes in various Outer Limits episodes). The idea of "self identity". The idea of "if medical technology can let you become any species you want, then what determines who you are? The origin species, the species you're made to mimic, or the mind of the individual?"