WC Comic Update

Actually, I'm putting together a rough schedule for release this weekend. You'll know as soon as I do...

... but, if you're looking for a ballpark RIGHT NOW, I'd say "last week January - first week February". Somewhere in there...
Conrad said:
still on course?

I believe we are, I haven't heard from Kenshi in a little bit but I'm sure he's busy recovering fromt the Holidays and such. He'd be more equipped to say how on track we are at the moment though.
this may be wildly wrong, but i seem to remember early feb being the intended release date for the first issue.
The idea is to draw several similiarities to Wing Commander 1 to kinda touch on the nostalgic chords of the reader...
WC1 nostalgia is a good thing, but to me that callsign just seems a little too close. Kind of like if the main characters were Colonel Blain and his sidekick Manic.