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Hey! Raptor was kind enough to write back quick:

Hi LOAF! I'm happy for the CIC denizens to use anything I've created. (I'm pretty sure I can also give permission to use HTL material that I didn't write myself, as the overall project was my responsibility). I had a quick look at the thread. It's great to see so many great projects still happening in the WC universe. Say hi to Chris, Dan and the rest of the gang for me. Best, Raptor

Would happen to know anywhere I could download the HTL story arc as the links in the chapters don't work
Would happen to know anywhere I could download the HTL story arc as the links in the chapters don't work
I tried a few chapter links from htl.solsector.com and the ones I tried worked for me. Is there a specific chapter(s) you can't access?
I was trying to download the story for my last deployment so I could read it when I didn't have internet
It's more than 100 chapters long and still being produced. Your best bet is to save the individual pages using, "Save Link." You could also copy+paste the dialogue into a document file.

Didn't answer my question though; are their chapters/pages you can't access?

Mad respect from me going on a deployment, Godspeed sir.
When we were gone at the very bottom of the tyr,nephele, or loki pages the download this arc button wasn't working but thanks for the tip on copy paste
I liked the Agamemnon class cv I was thinking of using it in a campaign with your permission
I still have one of my stories. Two chapters worth but I never finished it. Think I have a couple of Michael Lu's and another squadron mate's PBMs too. My writing at 14 I think was godawful but we did our best considering not being pros at it. Some of the Acenet stories were honestly painful to read while some kept me enthralled. The story I did was going to center around a resurgent Black Lance.

Geocites, Tripod, Simplenet, the glory (and dark) days of personal webspace, these were our first refuge for many. My ship page even made Featured status on Geo!

2008 was the last time I edited it before Yahoo buried Geocities:

I did backup the whole site so I could redo it but...why? There are also errors in some of my ships' list on one of the squadron links. Perhaps, if I ever get the carrier in another RPG story I'll bring her out of drydock and fix up some data. My HTML skills however go as far as HTML3 and some elementary level javascript. It'd probably look as butt-ugly as before.

Probably best left a museum piece.
Hey guys need thoughts and prayers today my mom went into the hospital for possible stroke and dad found out his cancer came back