Watch the WC Series Evolve Before Your Eyes (August 31, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Eryx Channel has posted a video about the "Evolution of Wing Commander Games." It's a simple clip with edits of the games as they appeared in the franchise, but a few things caught my eye. Games like Academy, Armada, Righteous Fire, Super Wing Commander, Kilrathi Saga and Arena are included, which is always really great to see. It's kind of odd they added in WC Saga at the end, because the rundown should really just go through 2007. Fan projects like WC Saga are wonderful, but there are a bunch of awesome ones that could warrant their own complete video. Also, that's a Star Citizen/Squadron 42 screenshot in the thumbnail, which is extra weird because it's not even in the clip!

Oh, the other thing that caught my eye is this stellar comment:

I liked this series because my dad would always be on top of the newest release in the series.
Those were the good 'ol days!

That's where we are now, folks. :)

Original update published on August 31, 2021