WANTED: Any and all WC Fanfiction Stories...


This is a request to all you authors out there.

There are very few places where you can find Wing Commander Fanfiction and most of those are PBM's which are quite often incomplete. I am trying to get as many new and original WCFF's as possible together in one place...

So, I need you to send me your stories for my Wing Commander Story Archive at the Sci-Fi Fanfiction Archives.

Any of you with finished or continuing stories who would like me to add them to my site, please leave a message here or email me at primarch@graffiti.net.

Thankyou :)
Don't forget,you can always check out MY story since it's just very much of a thread.It's called:'Who took down the SuperCarrier?'and I made my own race up in that.Check it out.Just another allocation ;)