Viper61... read this


OK... I was bored and scanning through some of the older threads and noticed you asking about if you could still get Secret Ops for WC:p... Well.. the answer is yes... it just isn't overly easy.

Ok. Go to the origin website, and under the wing commander menu go to the Secret Ops page. don't bother with registering.. just go to the menu part and up top click on the downloads section... then click on the first downloads link on the new page. It'll bring up a list of files for you... just grab the mig mother of a file sitting there. That is the "full" secret ops file. What it really is, is actually all the game data for the secret ops missions, the sound pack, and the first episode.

for the rest of the episodes, take a look up my ass.. with some searching I'm sure you'll be able to find them lurking.. it's what I did a year or two ago... Long after the net event ended and the release of wcp gold.

Hope that helped


I suggest that you just buy Secret Ops. Trying to get it illegally is...unhealthy, at best.

On a completely unrelated note, you didn't happen to read the rules before you started posting here, did you?

Also, you should probably read this thread, which is stuck at the top of this forum and which you can't possibly have already missed.

Also, you should use e-mail or some other means of communication to do your chatting. This is The Wing Commander CIC Chat Zone, not The Personal Chat Zone of Viper61. Thanks.