Very annoying fact about Vega strike

Kevin Caccamo

Rear Admiral
In Vega Strike, whenever you press a key on the keyboard, you have to wait until the ship responds to your commands. It gets really annoying when you have to dogfight.

Wing Commander never had a delay between when you pressed the key on the keyboard and when the ship responded. In Wing Commander, the ship would immediately respond to your keyboard commands.

Will that be resolved in a future release of Gemini Gold?
Another very annoying fact about Vega Strike: it's an awful game with an even worse community surrounding it.

Lots of great potential though.
If you see lag

Privateer Gemini Gold is very smooth if you make sure to download drivers from your video card company...if you have an ATI card go to if you have an nvidia card go to
then click on drivers and select your model.

The default vista drivers are broken for instance (I use vista, but don't quite like it), and the default windows XP drivers are buggy at best.
Doesen;t change. I have updated drivers and xp and it has the keyboard delay. I think it's the engine thing... Might be wrong. I will check it on another comp...
I googled and found someone mentioning that you may need to edit vegastrike.conifg and change

var name="slide_start" value="2"


var name="slide_start" value="1"

or even

var name="slide_start" value="0"

I think you need to try 1 first... I believe that's how many frames it waits to process your input
I guess there will always be limitations we have to accept. Vega Strike is not Privateer but i think it is the best engine for Gemini Gold right now. Modifying it takes time and we all know it is far away from being perfect, but look at the progress we made since Gemini Gold 1.0 or look even deeper into the past and compare it to the Remake.