VDU rear camera in wing commander


ctrl F4 too not why getting my no i have hp notebook with function F4 screen small or big and when taste ctrl and F4 then VDU camera is not on why??


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I miss the cockpits as well; I really think their removal was the worst thing about Wing Commander IV. The claim at the time was that they weren't worth the effort and and memory because players just turned them off as soon as a mission started. I didn't really believe that--how would they measure that, even?--but even if it's true they're still necessary for establishing the 'feel' of the game.

Wing Commander really isn't a game that you want to play as *efficiently* as possible, like multiplayer Quakes and the like were becoming at the time.

I kind of agree. The cockpits really did a lot for the immersion factor. Although I did feel there was a sleekness to the WC4 HUD that felt good as well. I missed the idea of cockpits, but I didn't miss them that much during actual gameplay. And of course, doing a cockpit wrong can really mess up the experience. The Y-wing cockpit in X-Wing Alliance is a perfect example of this. You can't see anything, and I dreaded flying that ship in the game if only for this reason.