VDMS + usb joystick



does anybody know if it is possible to run VDMSound with a USB joystick, or does VMDS only work correctly with gameport joysticks ?
VDM Sound work's great with USB Joystick's.
For Wing commander III and IV you might have to use the alternate Joystick routines.
well i tried the alternate joystick routines for both games but without effect
and VDMS didn't work either, i just found a gameport emulation in the shortcut from VDMS.
Hmm perhaps my version is too old, which version do you use C.Mac ?
Here are the steps to get Wing Commander III and IV running (for me).

1. Right-click the WC3.EXE (on the first CD) and select "Run with VDMS".

2. Select the second Option "Set up a custom configuration"

3. ..."Create a new configuration from scratch".

4. ...(Advanced)

5. Under the "Compatibility" tab you deselect "Enable expanded memory (EMS)" and select "Enable low-level CD-ROM support (MSCDEX)".

6. Under the "Joystick" tab you click on "Inputs mapping..." and choose one of the joy*.map files. (You can take a look at the joy*.map files with your text editor and even simply make your own one)

7. Close the VDM Sound configuration with a click on "OK".

8. Deselect "Remember my settings", select "Add a shortcut to my desktop" and finish it.

9. You will now be presented with the Install-Screen of the Game.
Even though it's pretty straight forward I will tell you the right sound settings.

Card = Soundblaster/Compatibles
I/O = 220
IRQ = 7
DMA = 1

10. After the installation you can copy the "Alternate Joystick Routines" you can download for WC3 and WC4 into C:\WC3 (or your WC4 folder) and double-click it.

11. All you need to do to run the Game now is to double-click the shortcut on your desktop.

Please try this and tell me if you still got problems.
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well wc3 and 4 are working pretty well with VDMS, my settings were the same you told me and i'm able to use my old gameport joystick, but my usb-joystick doesn't work, neither with the joy*.map nor the alternate joystick routines.
However the joystick works fine in wc5.