Vaktoth WIP


Here's what I'm currently working on from time to time, with modeling almost done. Any suggestions?

Yeah, texture it, print it and frame it. She's a beauty. The attention you gave to the guns is fantastic. Are you going to go all-out and model the inside of the cockpit?
Great Googely-Moogely! Well done on the model. The only problem is that the guns are a little small. They should be longer and a little wider. Other than that, this is spectacular.
I won't be modeling the cockpit this time, since it won't be needed for what plan to use the model for. Here's a rear shot too:


Not sure why there's a black spot there...
I see I owned the news today...:D I started texturing the wings, getting the proper colors was a real bitch. I hate kilrathi armour!



I saw the screenshot of your purple jump. I'd like to see if I could include that purple jump into flight commander. Is it a model that you could export to obj?
The model is a simple tube, but the purple is a max material, which I'm not sure how to transfer into a game engine, but you're welcome to try. :)
Tolwyn said:
I would propose an animated material, for example a *.dds sequence.
An animated texture would be fine, as long as I can eventually convert to jpeg or png.
I'm seeing a lot of blurring or artifacting in those textures. What size and file format are you using?
Kilrah said:
Beautiful model, it looks really solid. How do you give the look it has before the textures?

Just use a sky light with the light tracer active in advanced lighting.

Magnum: That's just dirt I painted, the textures are 1024x768.

All done now I think:

fantastic. I don't know what you have planned for this baby but I'd shure like to see her fly some day.
-" banging fists on monitor"- Damn I can't touch it!
:D Fantastic work Master! Textureing needs a bit of dirt maybe, its too clean, especially the light-gray parts. I hope you gonna make a nice wallpaper with it :D
Paddybhoy got it right! beacus every face is extruded, every face has a dark edge. That and the colors make it feel like cellshaded :D The details on the clay render looks fantastic anyway!