v4.65 trouble shooting


Rear Admiral
I have installed v4.65, but it seems not to work:

my starting gun is named after the TCS lindon, another gun on Manhatan's equp. lot is named after Nargrast (and another after some navigational hazard)
a few menu items have been "updated" ("privateer instead of "freelancer", the map is of the "Gemini" instead of "serius" etc.) but that's it!

the games look pretty much the same - same ships, same missions, nothing else has changed.

I'm using flmm 1.3/1.31 to install it
I've tried to install it with the "no-story" mod which comes with the FLMM, but nothing.

what am I doing wrong?
Disable NoStory and everything should work spiffy.

We really need to put that on the top of the readme files. All new versions of Reckoning come with NoStory built in.
It worked!
It look realy awosome!

One last Q. - from the opening you put I understood that the time is at the beginning of RF - is there a story line to follow, or is it just a mood-maker, and I can hang around the gemini sector for fun (and no story line)?
well, I tried it out.
It's realy nice but there are some major problems landing on any CGI you got into the game...

other then that it realy nice :)