Using Predit with Wing Commander Righteous Fire


Greetings Chaps,

I purchased the Wing Commander bundle on GOG recently and am currently playing Privateer: Righteous Fire and wanted to know if there is any way to edit RF sav files with Predit? I freely admit to blatant cheating by using the cheat menu and then using predit to alter the save so I have not failed the mission. I have used it without problems with the main game but have had problems with the expansion because the save files are in a different format. I've tried to change the file to .sav, edit it, and then save back to .prs but it doesn't seem to work. Thought I'd ask here as everyone seems quite skilled at this kind of thing.

Not sure what exactly is going wrong but I'll run down the exact steps to edit Righteous Fire saves.

1. Explore to your Privateer install directory (keep the window open)
2. Edit the filename's extension from .prs to .sav
3. Use Predit to alter what you will and save the file as is and close Predit
4. Take your edited save file and change the file extension back to .prs from .sav
5. Launch Righteous Fire and load (cross fingers if it helps :D )

Careful with what you edit and always backup your saves. If there's a fault somewhere along the line post your specific issue and we (likely I) will attempt to replicate or alleviate.
Thank you for your reply Whistler. I've tried your method and while I can change my credit amount, it can't seem to determine Righteous Fire missions in order to turn a failed mission into a succeeded one.