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Looks like the US blu-ray is finally comming out on May 18th 2010. You can preorder it from Amazon here.

So far US residents have either had to order a blu-ray from Canada or get the HD version on itunes, xbox live, or the PSN.

I imagine that this will have similar features to the Canadian release and the DVD so let me know when you get it.

EDIT: It's not surprising that something like this was needed for this to happen. The Weinstein company used to release all it's films for Home Video through Genius Products of which TWC is part owner. (or has significant share in...). Anyway, as part of TWC's financial woes and restructuring , they basically have been either selling off or partnering their distibution with other companies. They seem to have inked a deal with Sony from here on out but other titles like including Inglourious Basterds was released by Universal which I believe had a stake in the Production of the film, and Outlander seem to have gone to Vivendi which bought Genius.