Unique WC Collectable on Ebay


Hey Guys,

It's been some time since I posted, but I was browsing Ebay this evening for Star Trek-related stuff and this auction caught my eye:


To be honest, I don't remember seeing this in the Wing Commander movie or in DS9, although it's been a while since I've seen either. In any case, it says it comes with COA, and it is a nice looking piece. Plus...it works! Ever wanted to re-enact McAuliffe or Repleetah? Now you can :D

Anyway, I thought a collector or two around these parts might be interested in this.
It's one of Dekker's team's weapons from Wing Commander IV. The guy actually has three or so of them -- Chris bought one a few days ago...
Well, it looks nice. Also an opportunity to take the screenshots for further reference when making a mod or comic book.
ehehehe, ok, the gun is cool and all. But it looks like a prop from Forbidden Planet.
at least it looks better than the ones in WC3 :)