UK Residents: Win Outlander Blu-Rays


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Hey folks! We're happy to let you know that we've teamed up with the folks at Momentum Pictures to give away a couple of Outlander Blu-Rays to someone living in the UK.

Outlander comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray August 31st. Apart from the film, the UK edition also includes the same audio commentary and picture galleries, deleted scenes, and animatics of the US release. But appart from that, the UK edition also includes a nifty making-of featurette as well as cool lenticular 3-D packaging. You can preview that effect below.

So where were we?... Oh right! We're giving away two Blu-rays. Basic contest rules are as follows: One entry per person, you must live in the UK, you cannot be in jail, and there will be no alternate prizes offered. To enter, simply email us at with the subject line 'I want to win an Outlander Blu-ray' (minus the quotation marks). All submissions must be received by midnight Friday, September 4th. The advantage is yours though because I'm in Canada and the cut-off will be midnight my time giving you a couple of extra hours. At that point, all names will go in a large hat and two entrants will be randomly selected to receive the disks.

Please don't email to ask who won. Once I pick who we're giving the Blu-rays to, the winners will be emailed and will forward their mailing address at that time. We'll send along the info to momentum who will ship the disks. Once we've been in contact with both winners an announcement will be made right here on the website. If you want to report Outlander news though, by all means forward it to the same address but put 'reporting Outlander news' in the subject line (minus the quotation marks).

I've been notified that there may have been a redirect problem... it's been fixed anyway, so if your email got bounced back to you, please resend your entry.