UE difficulty

Is there anyway to disable this joystick detector thing so I can continue to play WCP and it's mods without hassel as this pisses me off when I've nearly completed the mission!
Well, not as far as we know. I don't think anybody's even tried to modify WCP's joystick routines.

About all I can suggest is to try playing without a joystick... or buy a new joystick that won't suffer from such problems.
Hehehe U'll guys will laugh at this! It turns out that my joystick had one of it's cables partaly in! It must of started to come loose. I was getting quiet pissed of with my machine (as it has another 10000000000000000000000000000 x10^10000000000000000000000000 problems(thats ALOT of problems)) so when I was taking my anger out of my computer I hit my keyboard connection (where one of my many joystick cables is connected) and it went back into place!

On other news I'm now on mission 6 (the second scramble with half your ship intack) I keep on crashing or shooting an imaginary Dauntless and it makes all BW fighters shoot me as well the enemy! Can someone help me here?
p.s. When I don't shoot the "Dauntless" however it still gets destroyed! Can some1 help me complete the mission?
cff said:
Joystick, jup. You get this error if you disconnect your stick in the midst of the game for example. If you didn't do this then your stick is probably starting to fail. WCP is very sensible here. I had sticks that still worked in almost all other games, but WCP already noticed that they were needing repairs.
Oh, I see. That totally fits, my joystick is ancient (I think from '91) :D
But I've gotten used to playing WC with a mouse and WC is the only type of game I like to play that uses a joystick.
I don't really recall what mission 6 was, but I don't recall any of the scramble missions being that hard.
A general tip that helps complete missions : take it easy and let your wingmen also do some work. I noticed that it's most important to try to stay alive in these missions. Don't go out franticly trying to shoot everything asap, but stay cool and finish the enemy off one by one.
As for keeping the dauntless alive : usually you have to find out which ships throw torpedo's at the dauntless or are responsible for destroying it. Next time, go after those fighters first.

If you still can't complete the mission, tell something more about it (what ship is attacking and so on), then I might remember which mission it was exactly.
Is this maybe the missions where dauntless is attacked by a ralari (and a fralthi) ?
u4eake said:
If you still can't complete the mission, tell something more about it (what ship is attacking and so on), then I might remember which mission it was exactly.
Is this maybe the missions where dauntless is attacked by a ralari (and a fralthi) ?

no not that mission but it's the one where you fight the aliens who have attacked you for the second time. The first waves are Morays then the next wave is Morys with Both types of Mantas (the Brownish red ones go for the ship whil the grey ones go for the fighters) and their are the corvets (I forgot what they are called!) It's after the mission where you esscort transport ships to a jump point with the scond lot of transport got a capship blocking it!
Ah, I think I remember that one now. Was indeed not so simple, but if my memory serves me right, you had to do what the computer tells you : take out the gun turrets (take out missile turrets first !!) on the enemy cap ship.

What ship are you flying ? The gratha ?
I still think you've got the wrong mission as your defending the Daungthless against a wave of Morays, then a wave of the 2 types mantas, morays and Barracadas (or whatever they are called (the corvets)) in a half damaged scarater.
What shape is the Dauntless in before the mission? Its almost impossible to not loose at least one component of the ship, so the mission IS very hard if you only have one component left at the beginning...
I just replayed that mission :) You fly a scimitar with 30% damage to begin with.
Succeeded after about 7 or 8 tries (which is pretty good, considering there are some missions that I tried at least 50 times before completing it)

First wave of morrays (the ones that are already present when you launch) is not to much of a problem. Just set your speed to max right after launching and watch out cause they immediately throw some missiles at you, so keep those decoys ready (press e). Then just finish them off 1 by 1, saving your missiles. Morrays are not too difficult to handle with the scimitar. Just turn on their tail and hit afterburner to chase them and keep on their six, while you let the vulcan cannon rip them apart with short bursts.

Then barracudas, mantas and morrays come in
When I went after the barracudas, I always got shot apart, so leave them until last.
I went after the manta's first, dropping their shields with guns and finishing them with a heatseaker whenever applicable (try not to shoot all your gun energy into 1 manta cause you'll have to little left then for the next one. Use short bursts, unless you're sure of a continuous hit). When they are done, wingmen will have shot most morrays as well and in my case only 1 barracuda was still alive. Finished it off with a couple of dart DF's.

Don't worry about the dauntless, in none of the 8 times I just tried it got killed. Just make sure you go after the manta's in time, and the dauntless will be just fine.
Ue Storm

has anyone tried that 'STORM' mission???......SO f**kin hard....u go to like 5 places all together defending convoys from advancing nephilim ships - the most important task and the most difficult one is protecting the space station, the first time u succeed then ur lucky, but then ur called back to defend it again and if ur not fast enough, then it gets destroyed and even if u manage to survive u already go to the losing endgame...

As i was thinkin...has anyone done this mission...or at least succeeded in this mission...'like to wonder'.

Yeah, that mission is pretty tough! I found the best way to beat it (and continue on the winning path) is to do the following- for the convoys, initially focus on trying to find and destroy Stingray clusters as fast as you can (preferably saving missiles/stormfire ammunition for the defense of the space station). When you hit the station nav point, go balls out- lock the burners, burn past the station, target a red manta, tell your wingmen to attack it, target another red manta, unload a couple missiles / stormfire him to death (I prefer the Banshee for this mission, and if you're good, you can take out a red manta in a single pass if you're willing to use missiles), target the next red manta, track him down, and repeat. You'll probably want to unlock your burners once you break into the first wave of Red Mantas. Oh, BTW, the station sucks at shooting down torps- so you'll probably want to try to shoot them down yourself with the stormfire gun if you see any get launched and you are in a position to do something about it (e.g. you're within gun range of a red manta when it launches)

Some things to keep in mind that might make it a little easier-

If a Red Manta gets its torpedo off, ignore that particular Manta until all of the other anti-capship elements are engaged/destroyed. They only have one torpedo a piece, and will focus on space superiority instead of capship attack (at least, that's how it appears to me) once they've dropped the torp.

IIRC, you reload several times in this mission. Conserve your ammo for the space station defense- but once you are defending the station, use all your ammo and don't be stingy on the burners! You'll get reloaded after each station nav point involving station defense.

The biggest threat to the convoys seem to be the stingray clusters. There are Red Manta, and they can do damage, but the transports usually do a pretty decent job of shooting down torps. The transports can't shoot down plasma rounds from clusters though, which is why you have to be on the look out for stingray clusters.

To summarize, it's a very difficult mission to successfully complete, but it's doable. It took me a couple tries, and usually the station would have only one antenna left at the end of the mission (in otherwords, one more torpedo hit would have = no more station), but keep at it and you'll get it. Oh yeah, and don't worry about the convoys too much, I think the successful defense of them only boosts your mission score, but doesn't effect whether you "successfully" complete the mission or not. (That's contingent upon the the survival of the space station)
Yep, that's right - the station, the Dauntless and the Fralthi are the only important things to defend. Everything else is just gravy.
This is the most difficult mission of UE. As was said - don't bother about the transports too much. Also don't bother about the Dauntless or the Fralthi too much either. Its really all about the station. Given that you are refuelled rearmed multiple times you can empty your missiles/stormfire there at will (thats also why the Banshee is the better ship - the overpowered Stormfire gets rearmed as well...). Just make sure you get all torps if you cannot get the bombers fas enough. Fly CLOSE defense instead of hunting ships.
And yeah - this missing was beaten at least 40 times in beta testing i guestimate. I think I played it more then all other missions together. Its tough, but definitely beatable. It only gets really tricky if you want to save the transports as well.
Yeah, I played these missions so many times, I have a procedure for each one. Except the lose mission(s). Those I've only played like one or twice.

Yeah for this mission, I went with either the Scim or Banshee. Scim was good for dealing with torps and I used it a lot. The banshee I found also very good--esp considering it is the closest thing the BWs have to an interceptor. Fast, agile, and full of missiles.

Burn past the station, kill any red mantas you see and use the Nav map religiously. My best friend for any escort/defense mission is the nav map. It tells you if you have to worry about stingrays, or if there is a red manta to worry about, and which bomber to attack.

Also, Barracudas are easy to kill. Clear the shields, fire df, still alive finish it off with guns, and all the while avoid its front.


I finished that mission and now im onto mission 7, problem with this one is that i need help cos i have no idea how to complete it.
'Its when u have to escort the Dauntless and Fralthi to nav point 2 in an asteroid field whilst defending it from a few waves of nephilim. The waves were easy but when u get to nav 2 u get a comm msg from the Dauntless telling u to check out some "disturbance" at nav 3 and to get a visual ID. You go to NAV 3 and encounter some weird looking jump-bouys (Nephilim im guessing) then in a small mission cutscene your wingmen get attacked and destroyed then its just you by urself. A second later a whole horde of nephilim ships just come out (and im talking about the size of an invasion force) the jump points and they attack you. You can either get killed easily or runaway but afterburners are useless because ur so far off from nowhere. Also the system in ur cockpit seems to crack up seeing that the nephilim ships managed to corrupt it, hence; the problem is that u can only see the nav map but cant select the nav points and u just end up being hunted down going nowhere and not knowing what to do.'
Has anyone done or at least succeeded in this mission. Help needed.

Happy New Year people. 2006 shall be better.
I completed this mission & it's not that difficult.
You have to target & destroy these 'weird looking jump-buoys' (Maybe with CTRL-T to lock onto a friendly target, I don't remember if that was necessary)
They 're jamming your radar. (there' not a fleet of nephilim out there.
After you 've destroyed the jammers, everything's normal again & from there it's easy. Hope this helps
Happy new year from me too
That one killed me a lot-

I haven't played it in a long time, but if I remember right, you are dealing with a wing of morays and a wing of manta at that Nav Point. I chose whichever spacecraft wasn't the Scimitar (I think the other choice was the Epee, but it might have been the Banshee) because of the general strategy I use to clear the minefield-

I actually ignore the mines despite their ability to screw up my ship- the real threat comes from the Manta and their missiles, and the first couple times I tried the mission, I would spend so much time trying to find the jammer that all my wingmen would die and I would have relatively minimal afterburner fuel left that usually I would be unable to kill off all the nephilim fighters. Instead, save your stormfire ammo and dumbfires for the minefield fight. When you get to the fight at the minefield, IIRC the nephilim jump right in front of you- if you're alert, you can usually one manta right away between a dumbfire and a barrage of stormfire while it's still jumping in-system. After that, if you happen to target another Manta right away, hit Alt-A to get your wingmen to attack it, and then focus on another Manta by basically afterburning and jinking around until one comes into your sights. Your radar will be useless because of the jamming, but once you see a Manta, tail it until you can stormfire it to death (or use your remaining dumbfire). Once the Mantas are gone, the Morays are pretty easy to beat, but watch out for the single dumbfire the Morays like to sometimes launch (it's usually not that hard to dodge if you're looking for it). In a nutshell, focus on dodging as much as you can, while trying to keep one enemy ship in your sights. The reason I recommend the Epee (or Banshee, if I'm wrong about the ship choice in that mission) is that it gives you the two best attributes for the minefield fight- more speed for dodging (odds are, if you're taking a sustained series of hits such that the Epee is destroyed, the extra armor of the scimitar in the same situation is only delaying by a second or two the inevitable), and more importantly, the Stormfire (which will let you kill a series of enemy fighters relatively quickly compared to the Viper Cannon). Always be moving and unleash massive firepower into whatever Mantas get in your sights and you have angle of attack and you'll beat it! At the end of the fighter part of the mine nav, I usually just cruise up to the mines and blow them up one by one till I find the jammer.
does the difficulty setting actually do anything?
I'm on the first mission fighting the bugs (kind of cool the friendly kilrathi show up to help) and even on the easiest setting I'm getting destroyed, and if i manage to stay alien the station doesn't
Don't worry about it privfan, UE is meant to be hard and you're playing the hardest mission of them all. All I can do is give hints and motivate you, so:

-Always go for the red Mantas first, then take out all Skate-T and Barracudas (if they are present) then normal Mantas then Morays
-The convoys are not important, focus your attention on the station.
-Use your Stormfire Cannon and missiles against Red Mantas
-Always shoot down launched alien torpedos (it's a turquoise dot on the radar and surrounded by a green rhombus
-Never fly straight, take eavasive action when attacked by aliens (if you aren't doing so already)

The next few mission are much easier and you get to fly a cool ship in mission 7, so keep trying.