Turret Cockpit WIP


Death said:
Somewhat ackward for an emergency egress, perhaps, but with the space limitations there's only so much you can do.

If you mean ejection, you could just say that the turret is itself an escape capsule. Explosive bolts separate it from the ship and a short-firing motor propels it away. They've used a similar method in some supersonic bombers.

Now that I think about it, I wonder what happened to the crews of all those Broadswords when I ejected in WC2...


That's actually a good idea--use the turret as an emergency escape capsule. It would probably have minimum thrusters and very little power for those now-nearly-useless guns and next to no shields. We see in the WC movie that fighter cockpits become escape capsules when a pilot ejects, so why not the turrets as well?

This suggests an idea: if the player chooses to eject, his ship and cargo are lost, but he and his crew survive in a turret/lifeboat. The turret by itself has no jump drive, can only go about 50 k/s, has negligable shields and armor (maybe 2 cm/2 cm), and very slow gun recharge (it has whatever guns the player stocked the turret with, but they take like four or five times as long as normal to recharge). The player must then pilot the turret/lifeboat to a base within the same system (being aware that his fighting power is minimal), at which point he can either get a new ship (if they are sold there) or buy a ticket to a place where he can buy one. I got the idea for this from the Privateer remake, where if you eject you are adrift in a suit with thrusters, a hand laser, and minimal protection.


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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the turret looks great.

And anytime you want me to start writing dialogue, I'm here.


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My suggestion is, depending on how detailed the damage model will be, your turret gunner might not even be alive to eject. If your forward firing weapons can be lost, surely the turret will be able to be taken out too. If you have to eject or limp away from a fight Phantom-style (check Action Stations if you don't know what I'm talking about), chances are your turret gunner will be dead by that point anyway.