Trojan IV Naval Yard Gets Busy (July 12, 2011)


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
There's also a 'CVN', sort of--the "CS Tiger Claw" hats given to people who worked on the Wing Commander movie say "Tiger Claw CVN 2654" on them.

It is a good question. My gut says it's not super carrier, since the Vesuvius is just plain 'CV'... so I lean towards it referencing either that she's a dreadnought in general or specifically that she carries a 'super weapon' (the Phase Transit Cannon).

Hmmm I bet the CVN from the movie was the crew looking up USN listings and saw that most carriers today are CVNs.

I want to also agree it's not super carrier. I would lean more towards the designation meaning a carrier that sports heavy anti-ship weaponry since we have the CV in there. Or it could be a fighter-carrying dreadnaught. But I'd lean towards the former considering CV is used.
I think I'm going to go with the black on grey nameplate, and if I put a nameplate somewhere else on the green, it'll be green on white.
Here's a final picture of the flight deck, I'll be finishing up the entire hangar bay today, so I figured I'd post one last look at it before it's sealed up and hard to see.


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Here's another update.

In this series of pictures you can see how I inserted a ton of supporting structures to keep the model together as the build continues.

Everything was getting a little lopsided so I started forcing it back into place with these cardboard struts. It's not perfect, but it'll be barely noticeable when I'm done.

I completed assembly of the hangar, got the back wall on, reinforced the side walls. All that's left there is to put the "roof" on it. I'll leave that til tomorrow. I need to find a way to light that hangar bay so that some of the interior is still visible!

I'll leave you with two close ups on the finished part of the hull. One of them, with any luck, looks like you're landing after a mission. Up close you can see a couple of the seams, but I do think this model is starting to come together. I used some shampoo as a makeshift stand, I'm improvising here.

And yes, that's beer in the background. What can I say? I build best when I'm drinking. Maybe that's why there was some lopsidedness going on. :)

Thanks for your continuing interest and feedback! :D



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Here are two more pics of some work I got done. I put the Confederation insignia on the bottom of the ship, I think it looks rather good. Also, I covered and started completing the area over top of the hangar bay. Finally got that roof on!


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Don't know if there's still a whole lot of interest in this project, but I'll give you an update. I've been doing a lot of detail work, and I added the little wing/turret things on the front, I haven't done the barrels yet. I've also covered up a whole bunch of white lines that were showing on the model. I've still got a nasty crease on the underbelly to take care of.


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Alex Von T.
why would there not be interest! I don't think there is a single person who can call themselves a wing commander fan who doesn't want to see what this looks like done.
It's good to know that there are still interested parties! I just realized that I had been the only one posting for a while about this for the last couple of days and I didn't want to be annoying people with posts about something they didn't care about.

Oh, and Ninja LA, I read your webcomic, it looks pretty promising! When will we see a new chapter?
Good to hear about the comic. Here's a final pic of some barrels I found time to add. Is the comic about a young Halcyon? The colonel from WC1?


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I added the nameplate tonight, I also did a few other things that aren't worth showing. I'll be adding the back wing things pretty soon. Sorry for the low quality of the picture.


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I've started work on the big, blocky wing things in the back. This is really starting to look familiar. Enjoy the pics!


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I've done some finishing work on the blocky wing things, here are two pictures of the overall progress of the model from top and bottom. There's still some glue drying on the bottom, but other than the conning tower, some clean up work and that random block near the engines, the bottom is about finished. Time to get the top built up and cleaned up. I've been spending a ton of time reinforcing just about every part of this model until it's about as sturdy as well, a battle ship. More pics when I make some progress. :)

Oh and there's my foot.


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I got some work done on the top of the model, finished up most of the bottom too. The glue is still drying on the raised part of the model, I've got a ton of touch up work to do but I'm done for today. Enjoy the pictures and have a nice day.


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