Rear Admiral
Tooner was a great kid. When he was on his game, you could really recognize yourself in his doodles. Some were really hilarious. If he'd spent half as much time in the sim as he spent huddled over his tablet, he'd probably still be with us. The worst of it was that he took his best friend with him when he went.

As his squadron commander, it was my duty to clean out his locker. It was chalk full of drawings and half finished sketches. It was the hardest thing in the world to send those away from the ship with Dibbles' personal effects.

One day, a battered package came via Confedpost to the Bonnie Heather while we were docked at ###redacted###. The original mailing address read 'TCS Tiger's Claw" which was by then was long since gone. It had taken years to catch up to me.

It was from Dibbles' parents. It contained a fabulous gold-bound leather bound book, containing each and every one of Dibble's cartoons. So many memories came flooding back, I nearly sunk to my knees.

Ralgha suggested that if the book upset me so much, we could jettison it into space. It was okay, I said. I just had something in my eye.

-James Taggart


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You will take my like sir!

The art matched with goes another for the archives. I especially lol'd at Mother Hen, that made my day.